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Winning design #261 by nvillegas, Logo Design for QDS Company Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nvillegas

Project description

We are a software company dealing primarly with munipallities such as Tax, Assessor and Tax Collector. You can see the old logo from https://qds.webex.com and the current logo from https://www.qds.biz/ Please make sure the logo will look good when print on the paper and small and big size on the website. This logo will be in any Web applications for QDS used by the town (Tax and Assessor) in Connecticut.

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  • I wonder if I would be better to include "since 1981"? #4
  • With the logo from, #2 by Ibdesign, Because the current logo we have, looks like push button, so we don't want the logo to look like one. Please check out the current logo here, www.qds.biz, the old logo (31 years old) at www.qdswebex.com
  • The first entry from Barkside doesn't have anything in between the old logo and the new logo. the colors look good. The "S" is more into the eyes than "Q".
  • Some FeedBack for my projects? Change colors? Changing symbol? #4 #38 #39
  • ---------------------#18--------------------------
  • Hi, my updated design at #36 revision from #11 I added shine effect to made the logo have 3D look. I try to adding the "since 1981" text too on the bottom. Please ignore design #34 & #35. I accidentally uploading the wrong format, its make design have lighter blue than the original color (#36). Feedback appreciated. Thanks.
  • Hi, Could you take the stand out and then make the word "since 1981" wrap around the circle and make the "Q" tail in the circle. Thanks
  • I would like the background to be transparent.
  • #17, Could you take the stand out and wrap the "Since 1981" around the circle? and if you could cut the "Q" tail out as well?
  • Hi #11, could you change the green color inside to the blue for me to see? Thanks
  • it is QDS not QDA
  • About #45 and #46 Hi Ch, Here is my entries. Hope you like it. Thanks wengcharl
  • hi junjira, i just upload my design #41, #42, #43, please feedback..
  • Sorry, i don't like the way it look.
  • For my opinion,I have to say that the old logo is classic,I like it
  • Dear CH, I appreciate your feedback for entries #75 and #76 Thanks.
  • Hi, CH Hope #57 meets your expectations. Any comments about changes are really appreciated. Best regards.
  • junjira, Any comments you can provide on #26? Something I can change to improve it? thank you, eRic
  • About #51, #52, #53, #55 and #56 Hi CH, Here is my revision of #45 and #46. Change of font and arrangement in the company name. Hope this works. Thanks wengcharl
  • I like your logo a lot however, i am not sure how it will look like when the logo's dimension is 46*46. Could you give me one to see?