Quality Assured Office Machines Inc

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technology company, copier and document workflow solutions provider 

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  • Dear CH, here another submission, thanks #362
  • About #319, @superbeam The A is still too wide and the color is too purple, looking for a blue. Keep the double line to separate the Q & A - I like that. The font Machines has an S at the end and is not easy to read. Try a different font style or size for the Office Machines Inc
  • Hopefully not in the decline #331
  • Hopefully not in the decline #330
  • please check it,hope you like it,thanks. #328
  • hi Marsha,please check design me,thank you. #327
  • Dear @marsha ,
    Please check my design and give me feedback
    Thanks #325
  • Dear CH, thanks for feedback, here my another submission. #319
  • thankyou for your feedback, how about this one, please check. #310
  • HELLO #308
  • About #297, @ARIF_RIJAL I like the logo color but the text for the name is hard to read
  • Thanks for the feedback, it's an improvement from # 285 #297
  • About #260, @99evand I like the more oval than just round and separation of Q & A. please update with a brighter blue like 291 and provide sample for print
  • About #293, @ARIF_RIJAL the first blue you used was much better,
  • hello bos, i already change grey with black, please check it, thank you #292
  • About #291, @ARIF_RIJAL I like the blue color but the logo needs a second color or some dimension to it
  • About #285, @mehsugeh Office Machines Inc is easier to read however would like to see a slightly larger font. Please also provide a sample of bright blue and another accent color other than gray
  • About #282, @ZeusIsBack I like the blue color, please provide a sample with the gray test as black
  • Please check this submission, thanks. #291
  • About #207, @thomazsmash would like to see at least one color of bright blue