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Quality Foods Update 6/16/14 I uploaded their current logo for reference, see below. They would like a more modern, "modernized" version of this logo. Name will remain the same. The current logo looks very dated and old and they would like to update their image. Their name is well-known and the Q shape recognizable but the logo is old-timey and ugly. This logo is probably 40-50 years old. They would like to update this much like other brands have done over the years, example, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and other top name brands. Please use a Nautical theme. See sample of current logo below.

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  • http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/quality-foods/entry/12/ Only one design per canvas is allowed, you can change colors or position of icon and text, but you cannot pots few different designs on one canvas!
  • I have submitted #5. I tried to keep the famous Q shape. Feedback is much appreciated.
  • Hi CH I have submitted design#4 for any feed back or rating. Cheers
  • Hi CH, I have posted design #2 for your consideration, It's very similar but modernized, I got it as close as I could and would appreciate some feedback, Thanks. Peter.
  • I would appreciate some constructive criticism on my design #1 entry, thank you.
  • Hi CH, Submitting design#55 for your perusal, Thank you
  • CDS
    on #60 i just tweaked the icon and extended the end of the rope...also gave you a SOLID black & white icon...any design MUST work in solid b&w so it can easily be embroidered, silkscreened, printed on packaging, etc...i look forward to your feedback...take care
  • BdG
    With design #72 I went off script, but I thought these colors were very modern, and the 2 hooks can be used separate from the brand name. #73 is a little bit more complex. It's an anchor, with hooks at the bottom and cutlery in the middle. The font of both designs is somewhat "sailory".
  • Hi, I had submitted these designs #83, #84 and would like to know what you think. KIND REGARDS
    • Sorry, but not quite what they are looking for. Thank you for your submission.

  • Hi Bobby Parrish, please take a look at my design #87. I try to be creative with other shape for the "Q", but keeping the "nautical" theme. If you want any change in font, color or shape please let me know. Any feedback would be helpful. [ JOBZ ]
    • Hello jobz thank you for your submission can you please update the design to be Quality Foods with an s on Foods and also create a version with the words centered under the wheel and the words larger thank you

    • #88 #89 Apologize me for the mistake. I was working on the "s" just when you give me your feedback. thank you. And sorry again. [ JOBZ ]

  • so, do you want or not to keep the rope in Q shape?..................................
    • Up to you, you're the designer. The client doesn't really know what they want they just want something new. Whether that's a modernized version of their current logo or something totally new they don't know because they haven't seen anything they like yet. Please help!!!! Please come up with something wonderful.

    • It does need to be a nautical theme.

  • Please make the blue outline around the words the same thickness as the outline around the wheel, for consistency.
    • Hello, I wonder if my entry #92 was wrong. [ JOBZ ]

    • Yes it was wrong. I wanted the outline around the words to be the same as what's around the wheel. You only made it thicker along the bottom edge of the words and around the top edges it's barely even visible as an outline. It doesn't match the look and thickness of the outline around the wheel at all.

    • I'm sorry. When I have my computer to hand i'll make changes. Thank you [JOBZ]

    • Ok thank you.

  • Please center Quality and Foods on 2 lines under the rope Q design. Then enlarge the blue center circle and the F to fill inside the Q, then move the stars to the outside around the rope. Let's see how that looks.
    • hi ch.see my new revision of my design hope u like it...and thnks 4 the comment..im always open 4 any renivation u want

  • Hi Bobby,Could you provide the feedback of the design ? Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks
  • I really like the font work on this design but do not particularly care for the wheel so much. When I saw your initial design I was going to ask you to add a wheel and before I could you added this design. Can you do this design with a more detailed, less bold wheel behind the words? And maybe a different shaped fish as well. Thank you.
  • Dear CH, here is new proposal for your logo #127 #128, feedback would be appreciated... Kind Regards
  • Hello CH, Are there any changes you wish to see on my design #109? I will modify accordingly. Thanks, Paul
  • Hello good evening, did not know about this contest!, I would like what you think of the proposals #130 and #131, let me know your comments, thanks!
  • With all respect, it make little sense to be told I'm going in the wrong direction, when I see logos that are more or less plagiarism of my logo concept being featured. Thank you very much.
    • I don't recall telling you anything. And what exactly about your 2 submissions is plagiarized?