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Winning design #147 by phillipreifman, Logo Design for Quality Renovations Contest
Gold Medal

designed by phillipreifman

Project description

I'm a building contractor doing mostly additions & remodels.

I would like focus on the word Quality. I see it as a bold text, royal blue carbon fiber or brushed aluminum finish on the interior of the letters with a silver highlight or border around the interior & exterior of the letters in Quality.

I would also like the T in Quality to be a darker wooden cross the will blend in with the letters in quality, but also be clearly seen when taking a closer look.

Then the letters Renovations in smaller standard text.

The tag line is "Design & Build a Better Tomorrow.

I'll be branding a few trucks, signs, business cards etc

I saw a logo of a completed house with a framed addition on the side, clearly showing an addition, but all the rest can be up to your interpretation.

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  • This is the winning design. Just remove the small crosses between additions & kitchens & replace with dots. Give it to me with black & white background #147
    • @simcochief Hi there You will need to be logged in and on your contest page with the entries. You will see the trophy icon on your right (next to the sort by options, under the "blue" upgrade contest button) 1. When you click on the trophy icon you will see medal outlines on all of the entries. if you see only rated..look to your viewing left and uncheck rated only box, all entries will now show 2. Click on the entry you want for gold, then silver and then bronze (silver and bronze do not receive money but they do get extra designer points and they work hard for the 2nd and 3rd place medals) All 3 medals would need to be different designers 3. After you have your medal winners the contest then goes into finalization. You will see a green download source file button and grey request changes button. These buttons will take you to the private finalization where you have 7 more days to work with your winner on minor changes you may need or want The articles can help guide you in the finalization https://www.designcontest.com/knowledgebase/client/design-contests/finalizing-a-contest/ Please let us know if you need help choosing your winners or need help in finalization Thank you

  • Could everyone just stop with all the basic font copy & paste entries.
    Please, could you all go back or at least one person go back & look at the description of the word Quality.
    Let's just focus on that.
    The interior of the letters need to be close to a dark blue, royal blue, whatever blue, but the interior has a texture that looks like carbon fiber or brushed aluminum. That's it, one or the other. Then the letters need an outline or a highlight on the interior of the letter as well as the exterior of the letter. In gold or silver. That's it. The letter T needs to be a wooden cross. That's it.

    I was very clear on what I was looking for. Winner winner chicken dinner for the person that can read my instructions & then follow them as close as reasonably possible. But basic font copy & paste logos isn't what I signed up for & isn't what I'm paying for.
    • @simcochief hi, please kindly check my designs #126, #136, #137, #138. thank you

    • @simcochief hi, please kindly check my designs #126, #136, #137, #138. thank you

  • Thank you for your consideration. #148
  • Thank you for your consideration. #147
  • Thank you for your consideration. #146
  • please check #124
  • @simcochief
    Revision from #62 #111
  • Thank you for your feedback and rating #110
  • Thank you for your feedback and rating #109
  • Thank you for your feedback and rating #108
  • About #89, @ddog could you make the t in quality a bit higher or taller
    I like the blue letters w silver border on white background
    Change design and build a better tomorrow to mid red or maroon
    Add Additions, Remodeling, Kitchens to the underside
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    number 1.2 #93
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  • My design. I hope you give me feedback. Thank you. #82
  • Thank you for your feedback, I have made the requested revisions. #76
  • This is looking like the winning design
    Could you lighten the blue slightly a few shades
    I would also like to see this with a white background
    Also capitalize the D in design so it looks more like a sentence or a statement but I think you're the winner #46