The process was simple and it was great getting many designs from designers across the world, all with very different design philosophies. We ended up with a design we never thought of, being a US organization having a Malaysian designer. I was quite surprised and quite impressed.

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Winning design #89 by Routh, Logo Design for Quanta Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Routh

Project description

Logo for a medium-sized online gaming group that has hands in online broadcasting and PC-based online multiplayer games. We need a banner logo and a smaller brand marking to use elsewhere on our website and other materials. IMPORTANT: I reply to every single image submitted with feedback in as timely a manner as I can manage. When submitting new images, please not only read over this brief entirely, but read the comments as well. If work submitted is too similar to ideas we've excluded, the entries will be immediately eliminated. Thank you in advance. UPDATE 5/26/2014: We have really, REALLY liked submissions that are focused on silhouettes and negative space. If we could see a lot more submissions with designs that use this style, we'd appreciate it. Any letter-form (ie. The F1 logo described in the brief page) designs would be awesome as well. UPDATE 5/24/2014: Please avoid turning the Q into the traditional "IO" power button. Submissions that do this will be instantly eliminated. UPDATE 5/23/2014: We feel a lot of the submissions were too "stationary". Therefore we decided to allow the use of atom imagery, ONLY IF it can be done tastefully. We want something high energy, but doesn't feel manic. Something that evokes technology, progress, innovation. A quick Google image search of "Quantum" (the singular of Quanta) gave us some decent reference images, but designers are by no means to be restrained by them if they have their own creative direction they want to go in. We've put the URLs to some of those images below: http://www.fromquarkstoquasars.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Quantum-Gravity.jpg http://www.marxist.com/images/stories/science/quantum.jpg http://images.iop.org/objects/phw/news/16/5/23/teleportation.jpg http://cdn.phys.org/newman/gfx/news/2012/studybroaden.jpg http://www.digitalworldtokyo.com/entryimages/2008/12/081201_quantum.jpg http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/images/2012/Sept/emc2-image002.jpg http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs14/f/2007/053/8/d/Quantum_Chromodynamics_by_psion005.jpg

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  • Really like the simplicity. How the Q was done was nice, but the simpler branding looking like a hand isn't something I'm sure we want to go with. Good color choices, but we're not glued to them if you wanted to try other things.
    • Absolutely - I'll get back to you with some other options

    • A few of our group members really liked the overall concept of this one. Motion was conveyed extremely well in this and so far it feels like our most "energetic" submission. The only qualm, really, was the "hand" image. A few of my group members suggested maybe incorporating an orb for slight nod to the atom (despite us trying to stay away from it, we don't mind if it can be done tastefully), using varying weights of stroke on the lines, etc. just to keep the sense of motion, but stay away from the hand image. We also edited our brief because we feel a change of direction from a lot of these submissions is needed, so feel free to review it.

    • We'd also like to see, if possible, a version of this where the 5th line doesn't look like a thumb, but is more oriented with the others just so we could better visualize it, as we don't mind the design, it just looking like a hand is what irks us a bit.

    • Sure! I apologize for the delay, I was away camping for Memorial Day :) I will get right on these submissions for you. Thanks for the feedback!

  • This looks a little too scholastic, like it'd belong to a trade school or tech school. The color choices weren't awful, but the design doesn't work for us.
  • I like where this design seemed to be headed with the Q, but the two shapes for the Q seemed to have just been thrown together. There's some obvious clipping and/or bad meshing where the two shapes meet.
  • Far too simple. Looks like it took 5 minutes in Photoshop or Illustrator. No brand imaging either, just text.
  • Far too simple. Looks like it took 5 minutes in Photoshop or Illustrator. No brand imaging either, just text.
  • The red outline looks like it blends in with the text's gradient. The brackets(?) around the outside are far too busy, as are the dots/circles. This is one example of a stylized atom design just not working.
  • I like the simplicity, but I made the mistake of not specifying that we're a PC oriented gaming group, not a console gaming group so the controller imagery isn't completely relevant. The font choice was good, but feel free to experiment with others. Black, white and red are personally my favorite colors as well, but feel free to venture outside those as well, as more color options are always good.
  • Really liked the colors and how simple the font is, however we made the mistake of not specifying that we aren't console gamers so the controller icon/imagery isn't relevant to us. Beside that, really clean design and nice color choices, though we aren't particularly attached to the blue so if you wanted to experiment with color, that'd be fine.
  • Design is too large. Crown looks like it was pasted on as an after-thought. Font is too fantasy styled. All-in-all looks cobbled together from incongruous parts.
  • The design here is really well done. So far my only real issues here are that the weight of the line for the main part of the Q is a bit thick, so the thickness of the entire thing might need to be lessened to about 80~90% of its current and that while the design is really striking and unique, it seems a bit static. Really solid first submission though.
    • hay CH thanks the feed back for me, is this like? #85

  • Hi just uploaded #42. Does it suit your firm or have any potentials, please suggest, i would be happier to work for meaningful improvements. Thanks.
  • Tried a WHOLE new direction with #40, I tried to focus on the fact that you play games and you're a social group in many aspects, so I stylized a chat icon to resemble a castle, let me know your thoughts, cheers!
  • This is so far your best attempt. It's simple, but energetic, and it can fit just anywhere on a site or other media (ie. as a watermark on videos, etc.).
    • Thank you! I included the circle background precisely for that reason - it greatly increases versatility especially online. I could try some other color combinations if you like?

  • Unfortunately this design is much too simple and the overwhelming amount of black is a huge distraction. Thanks for the effort though.
    • It was worth a try :) let me know if there is anything else you'd like to see

  • I like the redesign of the lines, as they're a bit less distracting, but I preferred the shape of your first Q (#25) as it isn't a traditional Q, it's closer to say, a lightbulb and can stand for more than just the letter itself. If we could see different ideas in that realm of design, it would be awesome.
    • I returned to the old 'Q' in my new submission, yet kept the revised lines which I think makes the whole design look much cleaner, let me know your thoughts, thanks for the feedback! Also - would you like to see the Q stylized as a lightbulb?

    • It wouldn't hurt if it wasn't too obvious it was a lightbulb, just something to, I don't know... hint at it? I don't like when things that are supposed to be design elements are too explicit in what they are.

    • Logo exploration... #36 Thanks for the feedback! What kind of games do you play?

    • We play a little bit of everything as long as it's competitive and would be interesting to watch, read about or learn.

    • very cool, so it's you and a bunch of friends or a group?

  • I really like the motion here, however the design is a little too "corporate" for us. The simplicity is great, the motion gained in the color in amazing, but the design as a whole seems like it'd be on a large corporation's letterstock or business cards.
  • This is an amazing departure from your earlier submissions. You're the first person to do an image mark that has nothing to do with the letter Q and I really like that. The image mark has a lot of motion in it, which is perfect, but the overall feeling reminds me, and a few other members of our group, of water, which is something we're not looking for. If you could stay within this realm of design (motion, not a Q, energy, slightly abstracted) that'd be great. Great submission though.
  • The Q here is far too simple. It lacks the motion that your other submission (#13) evokes.
  • The simplicity is appreciated, but the brand mark looks too much like a power button. The overall feel is just too static as well.
  • The quality isn't up to par with what we're willing to pay money for, sorry.