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Winning design #355 by ririmelongs, Logo Design for Quattro Pazzi  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ririmelongs

Project description

Im looking to redesign my Logo its 20 years old. My Restaurant is  Modern  Italian i do want to keep the CLOWN! No matter what logo you make keep the clown, it is my Brand. CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE WWW.QUATTROPAZZI.COM

please use 

Righteous Font i have added a photo of it in the files section. also i like to use the brushed circle,,,

Thank you

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  • All the best! #403
  • About #384, @bboba77
    too many dots around
    • About #384, @gino1 ok i will delete few

  • Hi
    I am interested in participating in this project.
    This is my concept for first entry.
    Please let me know if you want to change colors or style.

    Thanks. #386
  • About #378, @bboba77
    can you make quattro Pazzi in RED
  • About #272, @bboba77
    nice job< can You change the font I listed on my notes , also please to a period in between Fairfield · Stamford thanks
    • About #272, @gino1 Hi Gino, thanks for the feedback. I put few new designs, you can look.

  • About #255, @freddyjalvarez
    can you change the black outer circle to brown
  • About #344, @Routh
    can you change the font look at #348
    and add Fairfield · Stamford
  • About #349, @ririmelongs
    inn the circle is it brown or black
  • About #285, @ririmelongs
    You're not understanding me ?
    Leave the circle colors alone ...just change the color of the clown and the font in red
    • About #285, @gino1
      Okay, I've changed it.
      You can check this #349 #355

  • I have not found a red color composition that you mean. Can you tell me the color code (red) that you want ???
    but I'll keep trying, and tell me if the red color on the design you love me less. :) #343
  • @gino1 Hi CH, here is my design. I've arranged the clown and circle to resemble the letter Q. I look forward to your feedback! #341
  • ;) :) #339
  • About #285, @ririmelongs
    Leave circle colors as is
  • Pizza clown felt kinda lonely so i decided make him a friend. Clean ,smooth and classy logo. With calm color wich will make you order pizza at Quattri Pazzi. Also i used Righteous font on modern way. All the best #333
  • Notice the crayon effects give to text of the logo. thanks #331
  • hi there
    based on your brief here is my design for you. any changes can be done. feedback appreciated. thanks and regards #330
  • hi gino, i just submitted a new version for your review. please check. thank you #326
  • Resto Quattro Pazzi #318
  • logo shape "r" symbolizes restaurant- Resto Quattro Pazzi #317
  • Please check this my design variation and give me feedback #305