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Winning design #175 by AlphaLogo, Logo Design for Quick Pass Master Contest
Gold Medal

designed by AlphaLogo

Project description

1.Real estate pre-licensing tutor(to get Realtor or mortgage license).  Most of my students are adults. 

2.logo look like a teacher/master or a simple metaphor
3.Do not be too complicated, but needs to be professional 
4.have a feeling of "can quick pass the license"
5.multiple colors
6."qp"(quick pass) may be a possible idea

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  • #158, #162, or #146 has great ways of alignment of the words. #139
  • The last thing I can be picky is the way you align the words. Other than that, this logo is the best so far. The effects of puting ====== or ------ around master is not good. But using space only is not nice either. There should be better way to align these words. #171
  • qpm #163
  • qpm #162
  • Another logo concept. Please review it. Thanks. #157
  • This idea is great. I like the color of blue background and white logo. However, please change the font. Also, if the background is white, then please change to different color. And I hope to see some variations of the hat or variations of the key. #43
    • OK... I will try my best... thanks for your advice

  • q - p - m #149
  • I hope the color can be vivid and have strong visual impact. Also, you can add a quick feeing, then you could be the winner. #121
    • About #121, @c7786868555
      hi CH,,,,,,
      logo has been changed as you want ..... (see #140)
      in this logo, the colors presented in two versions (with gold and silver metallic effect) and standard color version.
      Color now has a good impact on the logo.
      I hope that answered your expectations.

      I obtained the email value of this logo (with a score of 100) and then in a flash, logo no score (remains 0) why?


  • a #143
  • a #142
  • Can you put lines beside the word "master"? Try =====master===== or
    -----master----- The line should be solid straight line. Not dot line. The word master should be centred #139
  • different set of font. fixing the dashes.. #141
  • a #139
  • adding some changes to the hat, font, colors and the font arrangements.. #138
  • About #135, @yulistina
    dark blue and ligth blue
  • So far this is the best logo for my tutorial school. It has most of the elements: education, quick, pass, and real property. If I am picky, I would like to ask to change the hat, the design around the font, the alignment of the font. The quick feeling of this is great, but not sure if making it subtle would improve. Currently these chosen colors in this design are great. #129
  • So far, the hat colour of black seems to be the best. This logo lacks two final elements: real estate and a quick feeling. And I am looking for strong expression of colours. Contrasting red and blue, blue and green, yellow and purple or complimentary Colours such as dark blue and light blue, dark green and bright green etc. #103
    • About #103, @c7786868555
      ok. i'll try to change. thanks for feedback.

  • Can you change the hat? #130
  • a #130
  • a #129