Quissett Hill Farm

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Winning design #237 by vermiljoen, Logo Design for Quissett Hill Farm Contest
Gold Medal

designed by vermiljoen

Project description

Design a logo for a small business farm.  We are currently raising alpaca and selling yarn made from their fiber.  We also will be making our own maple syrup to sell.  We live in Massachusetts on a dead-end road with miles of old stone walls.  We would like the logo to incorporate alpaca, maple  tree, and possibly stone walls as well.  The logo will be used down the line for a variety of products.  Needs to look great in as a label on a bottle to a sign.  Please ensure alpaca is an alpaca and not a Llama (they are not the same :) ) also ensure it is a Huacaya alpaca not a Suri, thx!

Currently products are sold exclusively at The Artful Mix another small business of ours.  I'll attach logo as a reference.

Colors below can be used as reference no need to use all colors.  Would like to see a black and white version of all submissions.  

In the logo the preference would be that "Quissett Hill" should remain together versus "Hill Farm"  

Hi added a photo of the property with a maple tree and stone wall as a reference.  Also added a photo of our alpaca!

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  • This is a different font and I have taken the orange out of the leaves but added a darker shade of red. I have changed the outer rings to stone as the leaves stand out more. Bits and pieces from each design can be mixed and matched. Don't hesitate to ask. : ) #233
  • In this one I changed the colour of the outer rings to a stone colour so that there was more contrast with the leaves : ) #232
  • Hi there, Thanks for feedback, here I have made the leaves brighter and added some orange in this one. This red has a very antique, old american feel about it, which is why is looks a little brownish. But I like it, it reminds me of old Radio Flyers or old barn doors. : ) #231
  • About #147, @mocreative Can you change #147 to have the alpaca and grass from #146 thx
    • @iai717 Dear, Sir Kindly check #164 , #165 , #166 Thank You & waiting Your feedback If you have any modification don't hesitate to tell me Thank You

  • I created a new tree on this version and did in 2 color. If you'd like to see any modifications, just let me know. Thanks. #179
  • Hi there~ I created a couple new logo options for your consideration that have a medallion-shape to see if you like. I also created one version with a weathered/distressed look. See what you think. Thanks so much, PaintedPony #176 #177 #178
  • Hello! Please, feel free to request me changes if is necessary for you. Kind regards.Carloz #175
  • @iai717 Thank you for reviewing my latest entries. If you need any modifications, feel free to let me know.
  • Sir,
    Apologies for the delay in response!

    Thank you for your valuable feedback and for admitting my creativity and effort. And I have changed the design according to your requirements and submitted. Please check out and let me know.

    Best Regards,
  • About #123, @EcoDesigns Thanks for the changes! can you farm maybe on the rock wall on the right side (maybe same font and color as Quissett Hill but smaller size and keep leaves. Put Mendon, Massachusetts underneath in read. Thanks!
    • @iai717 Sure, please review #136. The only thing that might be challenging with this one is making it one color since the 'FARM' is on the rocks. As an alternative I have created #137. Looking forward to your thoughts. Thanks!

  • About #129, @JuanNoypi Perfect! Thanks for your quick response.
  • About #128, @JuanNoypi wonderful. Sorry to ask for another change, but instead of since 2014 can you put Mendon, Massachusetts in the same red. Really appreciate it! Best
    • About #128, @iai717 #129 sir i made 2 options for you to choose. thank you!

  • About #93, @JuanNoypi Hi we like the brown on the right. Can you make the leaves on the tree a bright red. thanks
    • About #93, @iai717 thank you for the feedback sir. here is the brown logo with red leaves #128. thank you!

  • About #127, @Quan Thanks for entering
  • About #125, @mocreative Thank you for the variations. We like aspects of them all. We like the tree, grass and style alpaca in #125 as well as the way Quissett Hill Farm is presented. Changes requested: 1) instead of Est 2014 put Mendon, Massachusetts 2) move the tree to the left put rocks behind the tree like in #126 3) have less leaves blowing 4) change color of red to a brighter red. 5) have the alpaca looking back at the blowing leaves. 6) enclose in a circle. Hope this isn't to much to ask. thanks so much
  • About #98, @EcoDesigns We really like the white version. On the color can you make the leaves a bright red and the stones all one color the lighter color. thanks
    • @iai717 Thank you for the feedback. Absolutely, I have made a few options for you with the red leaves #121 #122 #123. Feel free to ask for any other changes.

  • About #90, @mocreative Hi thanks for entering. Like the tree! Can you illustrate a different alpaca - this looks like a Suri which as long hair. The Huacaya alpacas which we have are fluffy like teddy bears and Suri alpacas have long shiny locks. Also farm as been since 2014. thanks
  • My apologies in the form of the final finished picture. Smooth strokes, smoother leaves and so other... Gently, smoothly and with the inscription "Hill" in the headline.

    That image in vector format (pdf & eps) you'll get in case of my victory.

    Thank U :) #119
  • Thanks for your reply.

    Your comments are clear to me, but first I'll try to explain my position.

    Wood painted with such a trunk in favor of strong composition. If I'd go on, then everything will fall apart.

    Blue contour marked primitive figure, which is a visual basis. Dashed line - its logical continuous with company name.

    One overhunging maple leaf adds a bit of artistry, but the entire trunk completely turn the logo into a mess. And Alpaca would be not so noticeable.

    In addition, this image allows insert logo in usable for your label and package forms (pink line).

    Green arrows indicate another strong point of this composition: oval Q-letter balances the trunk & vice versa.

    In addition, if the trunk of a tree to continue a little, the logo loses its practicality and functionality (above), and the entire image will look like not finished.

    For clarity, the yellow loop is showing the field for the other information, such as contacts on a business card or product name and its properties.

    I hope I've well explained my position, cause I don't want to screw up this logo. It's not laziness, but only my designers opinion.

    Otherwise, of course, I'll draw that trunk... :(

    Thanks again! #50
    • About #50, @AureN Thank you for all the information it is truly appreciated and in a way what we expected! We will keep it as it is. It is one of our favorites. Best!

    • @iai717 Thanx and good luck! =)

    • About #50, @AureN Hi Again! We were wondering if you would be willing to do a version with the alpaca grazing. Thanks for your consideration.

    • @iai717 At first, it wouldn't be good. Trust me as I'm designer. If it would be better, I would have drawn logo as you comment says in the beginning. You like it because the logo is such as it is, and not the other. Also, excuse my insolence, but the budget of the competition does not imply such level of performance, as I've already done. Couple hundred dllrs costs decades of boring logos, that I see around (no idea, no soul, no sense of beauty, just photobank's primitive figures in composition "as client says"). I'm interested in this conquest, at first, cause my wife like kniting and this subject is close to me :) So let's enjoy this work as a command good with a nice reward (:

    • About #50, @AureN Appreciate your honestly. Thank you for your time. Best!

    • @AureN If I gave you the impression you were no longer being considered I apologize. My wife and I are very disappointed that you withdrew your submission.

    • @iai717 And you excuse me, please. I just extremely do not like, when work becomes a transfusion from a sieve and each does not give each other to do his business. I appreciate the work of subsistence farming and hands myself, as much as I can each year help my uncle in a village with hay and potatoes. But I'm not a farmer, I'm designer. Art director, to be exact. You need a logo - you turn to me and I am considering all my professional experience, I tell you how and what needs to be done and do it that way. Also just you know how to grow alpaca and other subtleties of the craft, but I know what a logo you must have according to your wishes. Forgive me for my kind of eccentricity. I understand that on this site for the most part, I'm sorry for honesty, not the best designers, but easy-money-seekers that almost do not need to work. And these workers, of course, need to encourage and lead them. But I do not count myself among such workers and jealously defend my opinions. Relate to each my work as my own child, which I've cherished, and don't like it when others trying to hurt it. Once again, sorry. My wife always tells me that my temperament bothers me. But this is really me :) I've returned works :) Thank you for understanding!

  • @iai717, please find my one more proposal, and give your feedback... Thanks #102