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Hello we're looking for a logo for our spring car driver. His name is Mackston Leopard. We'd like to use the colors predominantly red and black but can use white and grey in small accents. We are between two names, one being Mackston Leopard Racing (MLR) and one being Mackston Leopard Motorsports (MLM). We look forward to seeing your ideas.

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  • MLR Racing, please tell us if you like this logo #143
  • Hi,
    Allow me to take part in your contest.
    Even though I wasn't invited, I submitted a concept for your logo.
    I am very interested in giving concept ideas for this great contest.
    I always wait for suggestions and feedback,
    so that my design matches what you want.
    Best regards
    Emar P. #127
  • about my design, I hope you like it. and give me feedback. thanks. #110
  • My apologies if Google lied to me #104
  • My apologies if Google lied to me #103
  • Changed the racing and motorsports color #102
  • check my design plz #86
  • Plz check My design #84
  • good luck and god bless #77
  • Hi Ch! Please see this entry. Looking forward for your feedback! Thanks! #74
  • Racing Logo #65
  • Racing Logo #64
  • Hi CH
    This my revision #63
    Check please
    Thank you
  • please give your feedback, because it's very helpful me.

    Thank you... #61
  • ML logo with cool name typography #55
  • ML logo with cool name typography #54
  • ML logo with cool name typography #53
  • please in check and feedbeck #41
  • An emblem or badge design, using the image of an old classic vehicle. #38
  • 3 #35