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Winning design #308 by watz, Logo Design for RacingDragon Logistics Co. Ltd. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by watz

Project description

Dear Designer, We are looking for a new company logo. We are an international logistics company and are established in China. We want a new international logo. We have an idea in mind with just the three letters: RDG, the RDG stands for RacingDragon Group. We have some other companies. Because we are a logistics company, the logo needs to look fast and safe. Our purpose is to be more international, so think about globes etc. Also a subtle dragon is okay, but do not overdo it. We hope that your creative minds will perform great! Kind regards, RacingDragon Logistics Co. Ltd.

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  • The brief has been changed, please take a look and may the best logo win!
    • Dear CH, I've uploaded my design- #27 & #28 after seeing your new brief. Feel free to comment and make further changes. Thanks & Cheers

    • They look nice! If you have new entry ideas, we would love to see them!

  • hi haruntapan how are you, i submitted my logo proposal #18, any feedback or any change you feel free to let me know it, regards! :)
    • It is a good beginning, but try to develop it more. I don't get the "international" feeling.

  • The dragon needs to be subtle. This is just too much, but the letters are on the right way.
  • Looks nice, but the dragon could be different.
  • Dear CH, Thanks for positive feedback on my design, here is another option of #6 for your consideration, please let me know if you have comments or suggestions for my design . I'm happy to change for you.
    • The 5th entry is still looks the best of your entries. But the letter "D" is not that visible. Let your creative mind guide you for new ideas!

  • This looks so much better! Please note that RacingDragon is together, not apart from each other.
  • A subtle dragon is okay, but do not overdo it.
  • The logo looks okay, but we prefer plain red and the dragon isn't that pretty.
  • The double logo (in the "O") is too much. The dragon needs to be changed. And your logo entry looks to much like #69.
    • Check the revised design of entry #80.thank you...

    • The dragon is not pretty enough and the focus is now on the dragon but it should be on the globe and the letters. Also space between Racing and Dragon needs to be gone, the RacingDragon part looks nice though!

    • Additional slots may I ask? i want to improve my design

    • Dragon-wise, your dragon is a mix between a big winged western lizard looking dragon and a long thin Asian looking dragon. Just go with a the Chinese dragon and try to make it as subtle as possible, because we want a focus on the RDL and the international part of the logo.

  • Hi CH. Would you take a look on #83 , awaiting for your feedback :)
    • It is not a unity, they should work together.

  • hi haruntapan!, the #90 , any feedback or any change you feel free to let me know it, regards! :)
    • Could you make the globe more realistic. The dragon could be more sublte. Maybe you can do a logo with just the thee letters "RDL" (after a little adjusting, because they don't look finished) and a logo with the redesigned globe and dragon?

  • Check the revised design of entry #79.thank you............
    • In our eyes it didn't improve the original one.

  • #70 is better, or make the dragon more subtle by blending it more in wit the "RDL" part or try to make more logo's with just the "RDL" without the dragon at all.
  • The dragon has to be subtle and the globe is just a circle.
  • The dragon and the globe needs to be changed. The globe is not very clear and the dragon is not pretty or subtle.
  • Hi CH . How about my design #71 ? Any feed back is great :)
    • Hi Sahar, the three letters "RDL" are a must and with yours I only can see the "RD" without the "L". You can remove the shield shape. The world looks good and the dragon could be more sublte. And RacingDragon is without a space.

  • IF you could make the "R" like in #7 that would be an improvement. And ofcourse you are free to upload new ideas! Keep up the good work!
  • Hi - I'v uploaded #58, #59, #60. I drew a different kind of dragon - not traditional and still a bit feisty without being too scary. I will wait to hear from you if you have the time but I think you might prefer something a little more traditional - font wise - not quite as straight forward as mine - ? more elegant? cheers, Tricia
    • We want a bigger focus on the international part of the logo, so the dragon needs to be very subtle. Out of the 3 you send us #58, is the best, so I suggest just try to adjust that one more so it looks more international. Keep up the good work!

  • Replacing the "O" in RacingDragon is a very good idea! But the "RDL" with your dragon in it need a little adjusting.
    • It was the dragon more than the letters that needed some adjusting.

  • Could you maybe make the "R" without the flame?