Raid the Room

The contest was phenomenal and we saw many great ideas for logos. We ultimately picked the one that incorporated the majority of our asks and introduced concepts we didn't even think of!

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Winning design #78 by Yumekun, Logo Design for Raid the Room Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Yumekun

Project description

Raid the Room is a room escape game and entertainment company that serves customers by setting up a room with puzzles and activities for small groups of 10 or less. The concept of raiding stems from RPGs (e.g. World of Warcraft, Destiny, etc.) that we have grown up playing and we love the idea of getting a group of people together to solve challenges that they wouldn't be able to do themselves. The experience should be epic and fun and be appropriate for a wide range of customers. 

We like the idea of a cool looking knight or another warrior-type character with a large key (there are many locked items within the room) for a sword and a clock (our events are timed) for shield. Feel free to be creative. If you can capture the essence of the business and what we are doing clearly, then that is ultimately our top priority. 

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  • Sorry! Randomly changed words. #101
  • Raid The Room, with bg lighting effect #93
    different bg color #92
  • Hi;
    This is my design submission,
    IncGraphix #91
  • Hello!
    here is my idea for you
    hope you like it

    please for any feedback let me know

    Best Regards #86
  • Was in a rush to go to work im missing a few details but I wanted to get this in so you can give me a review thanks ! #84
  • ok so i made everything in this picture from scratch !! no copies all my idea ! #84
  • i made this from scratch this time i didnt know we was not allowed to use free cliparts . so i made this from scratch !!!!1 #82
    • @armandoaguiar83 - Your entry is removed. You can not use, copy or reproduce any clip art, stock art or any other image you do not own. Please be original and read the DC rules. Reagrds DC moderator

    • @Babba ok no problem thanks for making that clear i will work on something original today ?

  • Here's my design for your checking. Feel free to comment and send feedback. Thanks. #83
  • One more option with a hourglass. #79
  • There is a staircase at the side of the inscription which symbolizes the stages of the game to exit the room. #78
  • Raid the Room #62
  • Raid the Room #61
  • Hey CH, Any feedback on #57 would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • @nivektao, Hi CH, I have created #51 and #52 for your consideration. Fonts and colors can be changed as per your preference. Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks!
  • @nivektao, Greetings! Main idea to do logo like a "secret" and without keys and other images in it. I hope you will like it. #49
  • Version with inset cutted letters. #48
  • Preview on cap (embroidery) #46
  • With another shape for the "M" ( we can see in it a "tick" that gives a feeling of "solution", "checkpoint", "achievement" #45