I am ecstatic with the results of the logo design contest! I had a lot of fun during the entire process and really enjoyed watching my logo unfold.

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Winning design #77 by mmkdesign, Logo Design for Rain•Coat Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mmkdesign

Project description

We are launching a new product in automotive protection. The cutting edge "Rain•Coat" will be replacing the RainX brand that is known worldwide. Rain•Coat is an all weather protectant that offers superb beading to all exterior automotive surfaces. Benefits of Rain•Coat are increased shine and protection for better water repellency and increased visibility, resulting in safer driving in poor weather conditions. 

A good logo design will include a couple different variations that will display well on both light and dark backgrounds, as well as having two different shapes for use in different applications. A linear (horizontal) version of the logo will easily replace the existing RainX logo on signage, while a more "squared up" (Height X Width) logo will fit better in tighter spaces. 

I would love to see a raincoat or an umbrella incorporated into this design.  We have selected a chemical formulation for this protectant  that exceeds all expectations of a product applied online at the car wash. The only thing Rain•Coat needs to become the next household name in vehicle care, is your design! Now let's have some fun!

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  • Any suggestions, ratings, or eliminations are appreciated. Thanks #183
  • Hi submitting my initial concepts for your project, hope you may like. Feedback /suggestions very much appreciated, thanks. #174, #175, #176, #177
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  • I hope you like it #159
  • Hello there CH @larry_houk. Hope you are having a wonderful day! The logo is designed to look professional, modern and is as per the brief. An umbrella has been incorporated as required which is not too literal as logos aren't meant to be too literal along with a 'raindrop' looking dot. Waiting for your valuable feedback on the logo made. If there is anything that you would like to change, do let me know.

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    3B DESIGNS #122
    • @larry_houk Waiting for your feedback and suggestions CH

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    I welcome your comments and feedback. Thank you. #139
  • I'd like to see this design with the umbrella all red (without the area attached the the "a" being blue.) #118
    • Dear contest holders @larry_houk

      I have sent back one design with the changes you requested, I hope it's true!

      thank you #124 #129

  • Product sample.

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  • About #120, @Smallville I hope my work get your attention
  • Check the panel with a logo. Thanks #117
  • please check this my design
    if you need a change do not hesitate to contact me
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  • Logo will have to be displayed on this curved sign panel. Could you show me how it might look here?

    http://shop.tommycarwash.com/Tommy-Store/Sign-Panels/Rain-x-arch-sign-panel #104
    • @larry_houk Ok. I will provide you variants in the near future. Thanks.

  • hI CH. check this entry, thanks #99
  • HI, how are you. If you would like to see any variations, please let me know.

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  • Hi. Thanks for feedback. I have added a yellow background for design. Thanks. #65
  • Wow. This looks great! Let's see it on a yellow background. #63
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    Please find my design, I hope you will like that.
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  • This is my revision #4.

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