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Project description

RAMZ AZAR is a International artist looking for a new Golden logo! He is known for his griddy, fast, golden lyrics. He is a huge fan of Gold, chains, rings, weapons, traveling and $. He would like his logo to be 
on a golden chain.(stacked on top each other)

Also need the logo to be rasta colors(red, yellow, green) But GOLD is first choice!

Thank you and we look forward to seeing your work!

Your Energy Source 

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  • In this version I made the outline of the ram a little more distinctive. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks #529
  • your feedback is highly appreciated ... thank you #528
  • any feedback would be highly appreciated .... thank you #527
  • Let me know if you would like to see any changes. Font, colors, sizes are all adjustable. Thanks #525

  • Check my design please #517

  • Check my design please #516
  • Check out my entry with rasta colors #514
  • Check out my entry, its closer to your description of stacking RamzAzar with gold chain. #510
  • This logo looks very simple but easy to remember
  • Let me know if you need any changes in the design. #501
  • Hello good day, Please check new concept ... hope you like it, and if you need changes anything please let me know :) .... always ready to you

    Thank's very much #492
  • please check #484
  • Mock up #478
  • Please check #477
  • smart logo. #468
  • Check it out :) #456
  • i applied as much as i can what have you mentioned and I kept it simple at the same time. #453
  • Check it out #452
  • Check it out :)) #451
  • Check this one :) #450