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Winning design #168 by trebz, Logo Design for RapidConnect Contest
Gold Medal

designed by trebz

Project description

We are looking for a logo design for our brand - RapidConnect.

We are a Fibre Optic company and hence in the technology space.

The brand must look and feel fast. The products that will be used are fast to work with and hence our brand.

It will be the logo to be designed, however the words "by Anderson" must be incorporated into the logo design as our company is Anderson Corporation.

This is the first part of our process as well will be developing packaging (boxes, plastic bags etc...) for this product as well.

A modern look. but with a technology feel and most of all it must reflect speed as this is our advantage as well as fibre optics is the high end of technology as well as providing speed of communication.

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  • @panderson this is my logo, hope you like it #194
  • @panderson logo orange version #193
  • Hello client, this idea follows the flat design concept, clean, with integrated fiber optic cables, generating movement, communication, modernity.

  • Hello client, the idea shows fiber optic cables together, transmitting expansion, flow, communication, technology.

    Salvatori #189
  • Hello client, my proposal is part of the fiber optic cables inside a globe, sphere, giving the idea of global technology movement.


    Salvatori #188
  • I think to win this entry needs to improve. I think that it is a bit light with the light grey being the dominant colour. Perhaps you could try using another colour for the circle which may change your three colours that go across the circle. Not sure #30
    • About #30, @panderson Good day Sir, I'll play around with the colors for the image...with due respect Sir... If I may ask...? Do you prefer a more 3D type of logo? You've mentioned in the brief that the logo would be use for packaging purposes... As I have experienced Sir...you'll also need a flat color sample for the logo...for printing purposes. Just a thought Sir.

  • to win this entry needs to improve. I like the provision of an inverse logo, however I do not want a black background. Try grey for the background. The fibre optic cable is nice across the front, however it seems too obtrusive. Perhaps this needs to be more subtle. The jacketing of the cablke is typically black though not dark grey. #134
  • also if you can make rapidconnect into one word and not two
  • I like the 3 design down on the white background, however if you could change this to be on the angle like your 4th design that would be good. Also if you could provide me an inverse version of the same like the 4th logo at the bottom but I do not want it on black. Maybe a grey background might work
  • BY BERINGIN 88 #123
  • Hi,
    this is my idea for this project, its clean simple and professional, colors and fonts can be changed upon your requests
    I Look forward to your rating / feedback
    Best regards
    Bujar L
  • Hi! Look my design #96, @splayd
  • Sorry, but I just can't make any suggested improvements on this. I just dislike it.
    • its ok
      no need to say sorry
      About #9, @panderson

  • Hopefully meets your expectations.
    I really apreciated any feedback from you,
    Greetings. #71
  • Hope to have your feedback soon :) #64
  • Hi please feedback on my work
    i hope you like it
    thankyou #60
  • Hi please feedback on my work
    i hope you like it
    thankyou #59
  • Hi please feedback on my work
    i hope you like it
    thankyou #58
  • if you want it like this ?? do other things that I need to change #50
  • Pretty good design. Colours need to change. Maybe the image needs to be a bit better as well
    • About #28, @panderson
      Other variant of this logo: https://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/rapidconnect/entry/48/