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We have developed some genetic tests (using the shed skins) for determining the sex of certain reptiles.  These tests can be used by home pet keepers, or used with venomous reptiles in a zoo's setting, and everything in between.  This will be a corporate logo that we use everywhere.  We are looking for all sorts of ideas.  The name of the company is Rare Genetics, but we can also just use the letters RGI.   We would like to see all sorts of designs.  The only thing we could come up with was a double helix coming from small to large (think breaking out of the business card) with a python head on one strand and a monitor lizard head on the other.   Black and Yellow are our preferred colors but we don't HAVE too have black and yellow if it doesn't work.  We also offer genetic registration, lineage tracking as well as other form of genetic tests for other animals, but we are trying to make our name on the tests that we developed in reptiles.

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