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Winning design #107 by kristijp, Logo Design for Ravenswood Technology Group Contest
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designed by kristijp

Project description

I would like to see proposals for a logo/identity for a technology consulting firm called Ravenswood Technology Group. The firm will service large enterprise customers with a focus on security, identity management, and the cloud.

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  • Sharing some of the great ideas with some colleagues and I'll have a winner picked soon!
    • @bdcllc Thanks for the update! Also, thank you for the rating, and good luck with your selection. -Kristi

  • Logo idea. hope you like it. Good luck #120
  • look at my logo please , #113, #112
  • i believe my design will like you cause it the best #113, #112
  • I hope you like ... Thank you #116
  • Here's another approach. Hope you like it. Good luck #108
  • Hope you like my design, feedback please #105
  • too much going on here I think #80
    • About #80, @bdcllc thanks for your feedback,

  • Not big on the typeface on this. #73
  • Logo idea. Hope you like it . Good luck #85
  • I upload new designs . Wondering if you are satisfied with this design .
    if not please give me constructive criticism , and leave your valuable feedback :)
    thanks #73
  • Not really a fan of the typeface - it seems a little dated. #62
    • About #62, @bdcllc Do you like the 'raven' image?

  • Seems like there is a lot going on in the mark. #59
  • Really like this. Would love to see some similar color options. #20
  • Thank you for the feed back .. Here's my revision based on the new direction. Hope you like it. Good luck #58
  • Not sure I like how the box clips the vertical member of the R #5
    • About #5, @bdcllc #38

    • About #5, @bdcllc
      I made changes, check please. And if something needs to change - write. thanks #45

  • Cool concept - would love to see some options on the typeface and having it be all in one line (so the bird isn't stacked on top of the text) #35
    • @bdcllc ok I'll try to make some choices of fonts and change its location as you wish

  • Also, missing the S in Ravenswood #4
  • Too much going on in the mark part. #13
  • Missing the S in Ravenswood :) #36