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Winning design #84 by Fabio Piscicelli, Logo Design for Raviolino Fresh Pasta Contest
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designed by Fabio Piscicelli

Project description

We realized that the previous outline was not what we wanted so we are extending the contest and accepting any ideas.  Apologies for the changes.

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  • R-9

    In this draft (and after a lot of work!), I've implemented the one-head eagle and 'wings of wheat' on the #57 version, also including a pasta-cutter and roll pin as clutched in the eagle's claws – just ideas. The empty shield is still to be sorted, whether you and your partner would like to continue with this layout or the latest ones, R-7 (#81) / R-8 (#83). #84
    • About #84, @Fabio Piscicelli Alright, last couple of changes. Thanks for your patience with this btw. Can you remove detail from head so its just an outline, try a simple looking gear in the middle instead of the shield (symbolizes the past machines), olives and tomatoes in claws instead of utensils and can the whole image be transparent so we can put it over any color background?

    • @Fabio Piscicelli Can the eagle be a bit small too so it fits in the space? I can figure out how I select you as the winner here. Do you know how thats done?

    • @mikeotto79 It's my job to try and make a graphic you'll be happy with – sometimes one goes through a lot of changes if the idea is not dead-set. By "past machines" you meant pasta machines, right? I'll apply the other requested adjustments in a new update. Which font do you like? I think you can just top-rate one of my final designs with a 100 score once everything's in place, then select me as winner once the contest expires, which I'd be glad about.

    • @Fabio Piscicelli I like the original font that you used actually. Ok, I will select you as the winner now because I am at work and I don't want to forget. I think the money gets divided to everyone if that happens and we don't want that. And yes, I meant pasta machines.

  • R-8

    A version of R-7 with a different font, layout and a single head – in A, there's room to insert a specific symbol tied to your business, or your family, or your location, etc. while in B, I've put in a star accent (which could be changed with something else) to offset the empty space left.
    The shield is blank for now, til you decide what to feature inside. Let me know what you like, what you don't, and how you want to move on with this draft. #83
  • R-7

    This new update, evolved from the partial R-6 version preview (#72), I think works best as a simplified but still richly suggestive graphic; the custom double-headed eagle with 'wings of wheat' is sketched to be noble, elegant and inviting, around the "R" emblem which confers a trust of tradition and freshness of product. I've eliminated tomato and olive accents as not necessary, unless you absolutely want them included. The font for "RAVIOLINO" could be changed, of course, if you don't love it. I'm ready for your feedback.
    • @Fabio Piscicelli I like the "R" in the middle as well as the font but my partner doesn't. She can't give me an alternative for the center and obviously, something needs to be there. Can I please see #57 with wheat wings and 1 head instead of 2? Also, maybe R-7 with a different font and 1 head instead of 2 please?

    • @mikeotto79 Sure, updates coming up.

  • Hello! Hope you enjoy, I had few options, if any changes are required, let me know please. Sincerely Christina. Thank you.
  • R-6

    This is an update with eagle heads, feet outlines and a possible 'wheat tail', but in working draft form to show you how it doesn't look convincing to me; I think that a more elegant and suggestive layout could be achieved with just the heads topping the shield and a simplified wing frame. I also think that a golden background color is better suited to a fresh pasta product. #72

    Check the latest version: #81
  • Looking for the ingredients to be less dominant in the design. #63
  • Looking for the ingredients to be less dominant in the design. #63
  • R-5

    A sample variation of my #66 draft, in black and white over a red background. #67
  • R-4

    Here's another draft on which I've worked even longer, and crafted as an elegant composition of a crest eagle's wings where the feathers are stalks of wheat. Centered by the "R" shield emblem. topped by tomato and olive elements, sided by star accents and marked by "RAVIOLINO" brand name inside a banner.
    Let me know with how you like it. #66
  • R-2

    Here's a restyled and rearranged layout with a simplified composition and an elegant framing – as you can see it'd work well in monochrome over contrast backgrounds. Let me know what you think. #57
    • @Fabio Piscicelli Yea, I like this much more than with the multiple colors. It doesn't look so "evil" this way. :p Let me sit on it for a bit.

    • @mikeotto79 Sure – I'm on standby for any requests.

    • @Fabio Piscicelli Could the eagle be a wheat plant instead (that looks sort of like an eagle) with the tomato and olives below on either side? Can I see it with black print on red background?

    • @Fabio Piscicelli Could the eagle be a wheat plant instead (that looks sort of like an eagle) with the tomato and olives below on either side? Can I see it with black print on red background?

    • @mikeotto79 We can try that; I'll submit new drafts.

    • @mikeotto79 See new entries #65 and the latest, #66 / #67.

  • R-3

    A wheat-shaped eagle could be complex or obscure, so here's a new layout with fanned "wheat wings", a "tomato vine crown" and olive branch accents centered by an "R" shield emblem and an alternative font style. Let me know what you think. #65
  • So, what exactly is the nature of your business?
    Are you and Italian pasta restaurant?
    Are you some sort of fusion eatery?
    What are you hoping to express in your logo that explains your business?
    I am confused...
  • "Italy" pasta logo
    I am not sure that the Eastern European double headed eagle says "pasta" #58
    • @Herbert Nordal Too cliche. The two headed eagle represents a union, not Eastern Europe.

  • CH, "new ideas" is delicate if there is no specificity of your project description.
  • CH, thank you so much for your comment. I would like to know the specificity of your project description because some of us, made us best to follow what you posted. Thank you!
    • @meformylove CH, i mean your project description that you posted in the past.

  • Please see updated briefing. #50
    • About #50, @mikeotto79 can you expalin more that brief pleas .. thank you

    • About #50, @mikeotto79 can you expalin more that brief pleas .. thank you

  • Would like to see some sort of symbol or picture included. #55
  • @mikeotto79

    Roger that, but "any ideas" is too vague; which elements from the original brief do you want to retain and which do you want to abandon? Do you have other graphic references we can base our proposals on?
    • @Fabio Piscicelli I was so sure about my original plan before seeing it on "paper" so I am lost at this point. I would like to retain the color concept, "fresh pasta" can be removed leaving only "Raviolino". At this moment, I don't have any other elements in mind but I will try to come up with something ASAP. This is more difficult than I had originally thought.

    • @mikeotto79 I understand, but you can both gather new ideas and be inspired by suggested concepts; thing is, it's better when a designer can start from something. Given how strong the image of a double-headed eagle is (war emblem, aggressive insignia), maybe it could be reworked as a mark of 'nobility' and 'history' in pasta making, simplifying and restyling the main graphic as elegant. Same for the ingredients and colors, which would save you money in print (less colors, less expenses). I'll get back at my draft and submit a new version to see if I can pitch a better layout.

    • @Fabio Piscicelli Ok, understood. Thanks for the feedback Fabio.

    • @mikeotto79 Another suggestion is to make the contest "blind", so you're ensured to have different original concepts, where no one would use the same or similar elements from other designs.

  • Old World Quality & Flavor Logo #55
  • I hope you enjoy my designs. If you need any changes let me know please. Sincerely Christina. Thank you