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Raw Breed is an inspirational apparel company for badass people. We are weight lifters, athletes, military, police officers, entrepreneurs, & savages that don't quit. Our clothing brand will have inspirational quotes & graphics to remind you throughout the day to never give up on your goals and to pursue greatness. We are a RAW BREED.

We are looking for an aggressive logo.

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  • About #308, @B3J0 I like this. Any other more agressive versions of this?
    • @rawbreedco Yes, of course. is there my way to revise my work? because the contest you open is closed. :) Thank you Best regards, B3J0

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  • @rawbreedco

    mountains and lightning, illustrates strength, greatness, strong determination, speed and spontaneity.

    hope you like this design concept, any suggestions for improvement are welcome.

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