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Winning design #105 by cobalt, Logo Design for RAW recruiting expertise inc. Contest
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designed by cobalt

Project description

I am a specialized headhunter / recruiter in the building construction and corporate real estate industry .I find employees for major building owners, developers, management companies and construction firms etc who need high level professionals .  I myself am an engineer by education .

The word RAW in my company name is also an acronym for Recrutement Anita Walicki . The  "Recrutement" is in French , as I am from a French province in Canada (Quebec) . Anita Walicki is my name, so as my initials are AW, together that spells out "RAW".  I want the 2 letters AW part to stand out in the word "RAW" from the single R  , but still form the one word . The "recruiting expertise inc "  should be much smaller and secondary, somewhere below or something.  I will often use just the shortened form of RAW, Inc. , but the latter part will be the full complete incorporated name. 

I would like to incorporate buildng / construction elements into the design.
I love concrete (beton) as in the texture , and it referers to both buildings and construction.
I do ot like red bricks, too old fashioned.
I like LEGOS if it helps.

I want it to be very bold and punchy and strong.  I like graffiti writing, stencils and anything very modern. 

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  • just to let you know , once the contest ended, there is still a finalization process to make some more minor changes.
    • @cobalt Yes, thank you, I know. I am very happy with the logo you did, just the R issue. I get some feedback that with the building efforts , one looks like a battery , another like a ladder , or the one with dots looks like a sieve. I am confused on this.

    • H anita, well the difficulty here is if you want to make it look more like a building you need to add a bit of perspective like #138, but then you loose the original R. if you keep the original R then the building is flat therefore you can only use windows or antenna or roof to stand out. what about the plain R without lines or dots but with the little roof like #136. Also if you feel you need more time , I can deliver all differents combinations and then you'll decide and you can even come back later with minor changes , this is no problem. Hope this helps, don't worry about going back and forth , this is part of the process.

    • if you're still confused, I can provide some more building ideas, I'm sure we 'll manage to have a decent building that doesn't look like a battery or a ladder !

    • @cobalt Thank you :)) !. Yes i do like the 138 buildings , but I thought I was not allowed to "mix" designers.

    • I should be able to design somehting similar without being a copy because, well technically; #138 is a copy of my concept and should be eliminated. Reason is : although you expect building in this contest, using building as part of the R was my initial idea therefore #138 would be a copy concept. Let me check with the mods.

    • I was right then, Let's try some more buildings . Although contest has expired so I can't post previews anymore , we can either work in finalization stage or you can re open the contest if you're note decided ... and also I don't why I'm still talking to you in english. ce serait tellement plus simple en francais. Pour information, je n'aime pas reporter d'autres designer comme je l'ai fait , mais en general on n'apprécie pas trop ceux qui arrivent 1 heure avant la fin sans avoir jamais participé avant, copie le concept de tete et espere gagner.

    • @cobalt merci ! oui tu peux effectivement continuer en francais :)) as tu droit de communiquer avec moi par mon courriel ? La notification ne fonctionne pas et j'oublie de toujours verifier ici su le site pour les mise a jour. PS Je suis anglophone mais mon francais est ok :)).

    • non en theorie on ne communique pas directement par courriel, tout ce fait par designcontest, mais j'ai toute confiance en ce site. J'ai préparé quelques nouvelles idees pour le building. PS je suis francophone mais ma compagne est anglaise donc mon anglais est ok :)

    • @cobalt ou je trouverai les nouvelles idees ?

    • soit vous re-ouvrez le contest soit vous choisissez le vainqueur et allez en phase de finalization. Dans les 2 cas je serai là avec mes nouvelles idées.

    • Si je peux me permettre, on est assez proche du logo final, le plus simple serait de désigner le vainqueur et ensuite on pourrait corriger le problème du building. Et pas d'inquiétude , on continue jusqu.a ce que vous soyez satisfait du logo.

    • @cobalt OK ! I was trying to figure out how to prolong the contest but I can give you the prize . I am playing in my head with the #138 buildings (those designs disappeared so I guess you reported him? I scored him high before for you to notice it LOL !!) . Or no building at all just the RAW. For the taline below it is a monor detail of the size of the print, using the "INC" or not, and aligning left or centre.

  • See comments for #138. The building design is very interesting. #134
  • Your design is great , I really like the building symbol in the leg of the R, but the AW needs to stand out because it is my initials . Try the R all in orange, and also please change "Recruiting Inc" to one word "Recruitment " please. #138
  • I need your eyes - do you prefer 130, 129 or 121 for building ? 130 is very sharp, I like it. Also - you were right , I am being told to line up "RECRUITMENT " with lower end of the W. What do you prefer ? #130
    • I'll make the change about the tagline. My favourite would be #130, there's a nice feeling with that one.

    • #136 with tagline adjusted.

  • Fantastic feedback overall. People are asking if horizontal lines could be made up of tiny dots , would be more windowlike. #121
    • I'm glad about the feedback. 2 options #129 with dots as requested and also #130 with squares.

  • the letters are great, but the contruction hat look like a little pimple on top :)) #66
    • About #66, @anitaw , thank you for your feedback. Am submitting a new bolder one minus the hat #126. Please have a look at it. Thank you.

  • I like it , and I want to thank you for your great collaboration. Last version will be to take out the word "INC ", it might simplify more (so just the single word "RECRUITMENT" . You did a great job and I am asking a few people to help me confirm. #119
    • Just saw this comment.. I was giving a try without antenna . #120

    • #121 and #123 with new tagline. It's a pleasure working with you.

  • Fun ! Can you continue those little window lines all the way down? I am not sure about the rooftop additions , do you like it better with or without (the antenna ) #113
    • without the antenna , I'm a bit worried it won't look like a building anymore.
      added lines all the way down as requested. #119

  • I was thinking just the little building, turned the other way, in orange on white, but I am not sure if it will work, might still be too busy. #114
  • I have another idea. Try a little building in the little triaangular space right above the INC . Actually your building is triangular and might fit in there nicely (turned the other way). #105
    • see #114 , with building at the end, it's a bit small above inc though, it's bigger on my revision but more symmetrical.

  • Je pense que 101 le tagline est toujours un peu plus grand ? #102
    • you're right #105 should be correct, I'm still trying to add a building but it's not very convincing so far.

    • @cobalt Hi ! For some reason I stopped getting email notifications, so sorry if ever I don't respond. I am thinkng little horizontal rows of dots from top to bottom of the column in R , to delicately symbolize windows, but so as not to distract from the beautiful symmetry which you created, just to give an abstract illusion of a building.

    • something like that #113

  • I also have issues with notifications, I think they're still fixing bugs with the new website. I'll post some revisions tonight using your building ideas.
  • Fabulous ! Please use the tag printing size and colour from #101 (it is a little bigger in 101). The only detail left to consider is whether the "leg" from the R should have some of the building effects, but the building in #98 is a bit too complicated. Would tiny horizontal lines or dots inside the leg symbolize rows of windows ? #99
    • #102 and #103 with bigger tagline and #103 with smaller building attempt.

  • I just noticed #57 the R and A are overlapped, it is very nice. Lets try that with the current clours. Also for the tagline please put only "recruitment inc" , in very dark grey (instead of "recruiting expertise inc" ) #63
    • see revisions #98 and #99 and thank you for noticing the overlapping, I probably could have mentionned it !

    • about #101, tagline being shorter , not too sure how big and stretch you want it.

  • revision of #63 with new tagline #100
  • your designs are very edgy which I like, but I need the AW to stand out from the R , as AW are my initials and a key component of the name #71
  • One more : I think I prefer when the A and the W diagonal lines are perfectly parallel. #54
    • @anitaw hi, here's the new version #79, please check. thank you

  • slick modern typeface #78
  • custom typeface #77
  • high quality custom typeface #76