Re-branding our business - in search of a professional-but-not-boring logo.

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Winning design #195 by tommyinwai, Logo Design for Re-branding our business - in search of a professional-but-not-boring logo. Contest
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designed by tommyinwai

Project description

Concept Logic Consulting is changing its name and relaunching it's brand image to better attract our target customer and convey our breadth of knowledge, experience and digital expertise. We are a company comprised of digital marketing professionals who act as an extension of our clients core business by immersing ourselves into their business and driving their digital strategy.

Play with "CLC" or "CL" and then a "C" - as icons or images. Use these letters to make an icon if possible. Our full name could go under or to the side of this icon.

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  • Hi CH, I have used a play on the clc to create this iconic logo. It uses a bold color pallette, but is based on your current logo/website colors. The clc is also intended to be and iconic version of a butterfly taking off. Because you deal with email marketing, I tried giving it that glossy web 2.0 kind of look as well. If you have any suggestions, just let me know. Thanks, Carl
  • #37 dear CH, I've adopted my primary idea to your requirements. I kept circle as a main shape, but now it is letter C incorporated with an L which fits in the C in some logical-cooperative way, like the lock- key relation. i've also changed font and color
  • Hi CH, I realize this logo from the concept of DNA: the start of concepts, of logic. Thanks :) Giag.
  • Hi CH, sorry i made a mistake, also in 24. Thanks
  • Hi CH, Thanks for feedback, here are #19 #20 revisions of my design. Thanks
  • like the contrast b/t 'concept' and 'logic' - not sure if the swan works but this has potential
  • can you work on fonts and colors? not sure if this is scalable. good concept! potentially different layout...
  • too techy
  • we like the boxes - they get the "professional yet approachable" gist we want across. further development required. fonts need big improvement.
  • we're not global or that large in size
  • dont like font and spacing of font/lines/letters. if we're going to use a circle can it be a "C"? no purple. we like the "drop-out's" direction - maybe a C or different shape?
  • nothing unique about this
  • good that it's interesting. can the text be laid out differently? a little too stuffy. can you play with the icon to incorporate "CLC"?
  • don't like the red, white & blue, fonts or feel. shadow on icon is good though.
  • need to add "consulting" good font. can this be made more sophisticated?
  • I have edited our brief significantly to try to clarify what we're looking for...
  • Dear all, Thank you for your submissions so far. I guess this may seem contradictory, but we need something that is PROFESSIONAL, but still connotes a bit of WARMTH or PARTNERSHIP. thank you!
  • Hi CH, here is new look for your butterfly, more schematic, modern and "logic" just like your brand:) Thanks
  • NO backgrounds allowed unless requested by CH.
  • #7 in my design round shape represents a stylized mouse, but also the globe referring to global communications, internet and social media. dear CH, please consider it, and feel free to give your opinion and suggestions.