REACH Academy - an Alaska homeschool program needs a logo!

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Winning design #133 by dewiha80, Logo Design for REACH Academy - an Alaska homeschool program needs a logo! Contest
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designed by dewiha80

Project description

*****Update: 12/12/11: After meeting today to pick a logo, our committee has decided to extend the contest for another week. We are hoping for some more submissions with a "custom graphic/logo" idea being the main part of the logo rather than using the letters of our name as part of the logo.*****

We are looking for a logo that we can use in both color and black and white for our website, letterhead, envelopes, t-shirts, cups and other promotional items. Our website is located at: We would consider a logo either with or without an Alaska theme.
The logo should symbolize our school's acronym (with or without school name). REACH Academy- Resources for Educating Alaska's Children at Home.

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  • Dear agsdteresa, This design incorporates the green and orange used on your website, but can easily work in black and white also. The person reaching out is also a check mark. The central emblem can be used alone or with the text surrounding it. I think it would make a nice button badge too! Kind regards Liz
  • Hello agsdteresa! Here is my first design for you. It features Alaskan mountains and the symbolic stars from the state flag. This design is in full color, though I can easily optimize a black and white version for you to use as well.
  • Hi CH! on this idea i tried to keep it Alaskan and portray the sled and dogs "reaching" their destination or goal. :) I think even my kids would wear this on a t-shirt.
  • #1 And FORGET ME NOT is very good for school's motto!
  • #1 Forget-me-not as Alaska's state symbol is appropriate symbol for children and school especially because flowers name. Also here are 8 golden stars from state flag. Two colours: blue and gold(yelow) with black outline for linear presentation. Thanks.
  • About #29 Dear CH, thank you for the feedback and as your request I submit the black n white version. Hope you like it. Thanks
  • I like this design but am wondering how would this look in black and white?
  • About #20 and #22 Dear CH, the word 'reach' from a smaller point to the highest point become as a clear logo identification. the idea is showing a step by step education for reaching to the highest 'mountain' top. Thanks
  • Hi CH, I submitted #16, #17 and #18, the concept is based upon a hand reaching out to touch stars in the sky which represents 'reaching out to achieve your dreams'. There are 8 stars which is an extract of the design from the Alaskan state flag. I believe that the concept fits your establishment and has a story to tell. Thank you and I hope you'll like it. Thanks, Azry
  • Hi again, It is designed as you have suggested. Thank you for being interested in my work.
  • Now can you replace the three people with the one person reaching for the star, like in #43?
  • Would someone like to play around with the following concept: An abstract person (like in #42 or #44) whose legs replace the A in REACH and who is reaching for a star.
  • Hi, Thank you for being interested in my design. I did apply your suggestion. Hope you like it. Cheers!
  • We'd like to see this in different colors- the orange is good, but could you replace the brown with some green?
  • Hi CH, The concept of mine logo #70 - it is possible to win only together
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by CH.
  • Dear CH, I thought I'd try something a little different. I wanted to try and create something that was simple and subtle. Thank you! LJ Harris
  • SCH
    Hi Ch, I have changed the word (academy)to a better typeface. Thank you
  • can you make the outer stars yellow (leave the white ones), the person a med. blue and the wording at the very bottom the same med. blue.
  • it's not allowed to post multiple designs per entry unless requested by contest holder.