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Winning design #205 by eximius123, Logo Design for Real Estate Investment Firm Needs Classy New Logo Contest
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designed by eximius123

Project description

The project is for our logo that will be used on our website, but also needs to be capable of being ported to business cards and other print needs (think yard signs). For the web based logo, I am thinking something that integrates black, red, silver, and/or white. I am leaning towards a mostly typographic logo, but am open to one that contains an icon. The logo should say "Property Kings" or alternately can say "The Property Kings". My thought is to make the logo look "expensive". We want the audience to see the site as a company who can make them successful in their real estate investments.

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  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contest holder.
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the Contest Holder.
  • Hello CH in this design I want to show building and crown in one symbol. thanks
  • My first submission for you. please let me know what you think, thanks.
  • Maybe use red gradients, and make the crown the more basic crown shapes or play with some different versions of the crown.
  • The crown integration actually looks pretty cool, but just not luxurious enough looking, and a bit too plain.
  • Maybe try to do more with the fonts. It looks a little Web 2.0ish, and it needs to feel a bit more luxurious...maybe a script font, etc.
  • ..and here the crowns are in silver. Comments are most welcome. Kind regards, David
  • Hi again. Here is a new proposal with red background and gold crowns.
  • May look better if you applied a white/silver and red gradient to the text on a black background to add some color. Also, the top part looks like mountains instead of homes.
  • Dear Contest Holder, I just seen your comments and I will make changes to #16... thank You
  • Not bad, but I'd like to see some added depth and maybe a tweak to the shape and fonts.
  • Hi again - now I have added some details to the logo in order to make it more luxurious. Kind regards, David
  • Hello sir. Here is my first contribution. I have tried to give it a 'royal' look but in a modern way. Kind regards, David
  • I get the idea, and it does look "classy", but it's not very clean or modern.
  • I'm not digging the fonts, and I think it could have a little more to it.
  • General direction is good, but too basic. We want something unique and that looks polished.
  • Could we make the text below the logo some type of script? Maybe add some silver effects to it?
  • backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contest holder
  • Here are some logos I like: This logo is almost too much, but is pretty good integration of the "King" in a unique way. Thanks.