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Winning design #42 by vart4riony, Logo Design for Real Estate -   Contest
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designed by vart4riony

Project description

I need my logo redesigned.  My logo should include a sketched version of the gazebo (attached) along with the real estate sign.  The green part of the real estate sign should read SOLD.  I also would like some sketched in grass down the bottom of the gazebo that is the same color green as the sign. The phone number on the real estate sign needs to be changed to 781-696-7784 .   

The logo will be used as part of my landing page ( and my business card which is attached for reference.  

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  • Hi! Mark, you can try this image on your landing. I think the sign must be large - maybe larger than this one. #54
  • please check again :-) #49
  • put a sign right here that reads: #42
  • please have this phone number be 617-322-3933. Also space it slightly lower. #42
  • have this flag read #44
  • please add some green grass the same color as the green signs. not high grass, low grass please. #44
  • please change this to MARK GIBBONS
  • please change phone number to 617-322-3933. #44
  • this is sample in one color..... #35
  • any feedback for my new entry ? :) #30
  • Hopefully close to what you were asking for.
  • can you make the outline a darker navy blue? also, change the phone number to 781-696-7784. finally, take out the bottom green sign. thanks. #28
    • @markgibbonsremax Hi, fixed the color and etc, also put it on some merch for visual demonstration. Open the whole thing to see, thank you. #29

  • can you make the gazebo a navy blue instead of greeen? i like this one. #27
  • Hope for you respond, thank you. #28
  • REAL ESTATE • MORTGAGE • ENSURENCE //maybe just "real estate" on the sign be more readable - we can put full version at the large image (like a top of web page) #15
  • Do you want on the sign? Or
  • Hope you like it! #11
  • overall, this looks great. i appreciate your help and look forward to your changes. #10
  • I like the original font I have for my name, so something close to that would be preferred. #10
  • I like this, but please take it out. It makes it too busy. Please put sold sign on top of other sign. it should be same color blue. #10