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Winning design #160 by kwik, Logo Design for Realidad 360º Argentina Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kwik

Project description

We produce Virtual Reality, 360º Videos and Fulldome content (360 cinema).
We do all kind of inmersive and interactive audiovisual media. We want to make people feel new experiences and feel they are really there, in a new space and situations we provide audiovisually.
We usually work with nature, politic, tourism, publicity, music and other arts.
We want to look like a new kind of experience, innovative, modern and technologic.  
Check our website at for more info and 360º videos online (only spanish, sorry).
Thanks for your time, after we choose the logo, we also need to do other designs categories for our brand so we can also keep in touch for the future.

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  • with new colour #155
  • nice! thanks! this is the one!!, but the font I prefer most is your #147, it's more futurist and easier to read, but the problem is that the R in the logo is very different than the R in "REALIDAD360º". I like the R with one arrow, is the best one for me, may be you should do something similar for "REALIDAD360º"??? or just copy/paste that R? thanks #143
  • nice! this one and #143 are the best designs for sure! Both have the same problem, the "R" in the logo is very different than the R in "REALIDAD360º" #149
    • About #149, @realidad360 please check my update. thanks

    • @kwik much better now! thanks!

  • About #140, @Regh nice, but the VR visor looks very strange and asimetric, also need some color! looks too retro in gray!  thanks! 
  • About #139, @Regh nice, but the VR headset is too different between the left and right side, and it hard to understand it also, its better on #140 because of the head information, thanks
  • here the R in the logo is much more similar to the R in REALIDAD360º, but no arrow at all, I like the arrow in the R like #143 and may be it can be also used in the font of REALIDAD360º, thanks #147
  • Hi, thanks for your design, too retro style, we are looking for something more modern #148
  • About #127, @senadneslan_juventus Hi, thanks for all the new designs and your work, its almost done, just the last changes please, this one is the best so far, the VR visor is much much better now, I want the best off all your designs in the winner new logo please, if you can do it in this last hours,  please use this as the base, delete the arrow in the bottom of the "R" as in #83 (only that arrow) and please also give us the option of the text "REALIDAD 360º" on the left like #83 and on the bottom as #84, thanks a lot for everything, I hope you can do it
  • Please check the entries #139 and #140......thanks
  • what this again? if it's a VR visor should not have that orange circle in the middle, thanks! #132
  • About #132, @Regh I like the R full of arrows, but it's hard also here to read an "R" in the logo
  • what is this between the "6" and the "0", I don't understand/like it #131
  • About #131, @Regh Hi, I loose the "R" inside of the "3", hard to understand it!, thanks
  • About #134, @Regh Hi, thanks for your designs, this one is your beter one for me, just a VR visor with the "R" and the play button, nice!!! the problem is that the "R" looks a bit like a "?", would be much better an easier to read "R", thanks!
  • Please check the modified design #120
    new VR visor shape and increasing font size of the word ARGENTINA.
  • About #121, @daniel258 Hi, thanks for your design, I like the abbreviature R360º but the "R" looks like a banned "P", remains me a no parking signal
  • Dear Contest Holder, Please check the entries #131, 132, 134, 135... with some modifications on previous concept and also 2 new concepts.....Regards
  • the red part of the head with the fulldome lines looks like a basket ball, because of the color and the lines inside it, I shown some people this design because is one of the bests ones, and some people still see a headphone instead of a VR visor, I love the perspective but may be its too small
  • more in correct way #126
  • ... #125