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Winning design #175 by hyprast, Logo Design for Contest
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designed by hyprast

Project description

Design a logo for This content of the site will include ratings for real estate and agents. The ratings are based on input from visitors to Real Estate web sites and agents themselves. We are a new company so the logo needs to be clean, modern, and fresh looking. Could include a house and or a picture of an agent with a house or maybe a computer with a house on it and a user typing something. Possibly something with a check mark or something related to ratings. I am just throwing some ideas out…The objective of the site is to make purchasing or selling a home easier with providing real time data and rankings. Update: I would like to see some more designs with a picture of a persons face or something to bring the fact that user input is part of the company. Update #2: The tag line can be included in the logo. "Rate The Real Estate"

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  • Hi CH, I tried a different style #3 ...... Thank you.
  • I don't like the colors. I like the dark blue like I put in the brief, so I am going to eliminate these designs wit this color.
    • Hi CH, Thanks for your feedback #115 and I just post #135 with changes the color to the dark blue and hope you like it..

  • I believe that for modern design of a logo, simplicity is key as the logo will possibly be applied in many places without having to make changes to it, such as phone app, internet, business cards, letters, emails, etc... Simplicity is also important for memorability. I have posted #121. I hope that it's on the right track. Kind regards.
  • One more thing. Can you add 5 stars below the "". I really like the stars on the other logos and curious to see what it looks like before someone tries to steal your design and add the stars :)
    • Okey i'll do it and submit it later....thanks ............

    • Hi CH, Please check #111, other revisions about #88..Thanks for the feedback

    • Hi CH about #111, another revisions of #88..Hope you like it...Again thanks for the feedback

  • Ive never been a fan of Black and Blue together by themselves. Blue and Grey looks much better. Or Black and Blue with Grey.
    • i cannot upload again, because about my level.. thanks ch jason11 for your feedback :)

    • |--|

      rivatxfz {*wrote*}:
      i cannot upload again, because about my level.. thanks ch jason11 for your feedback :)
      |--| done. i have new revised the design about colours. will be Blue and Grey looks,Black and Blue with Grey and tagline is "Rate The Real Estate". but i can't upload it :(

  • Hi CH, #88 my first revision about #82..Hope you like it....
  • I updated our Brief. Our tagline is "Rate The Real Estate". You can add that in there. Also, I still have an issue with how the house and the t don't look right.
  • I like it, but the house and the "t" in ratings seem to be overlapping
    • Thanks for the feedback about #82. I will revise it and submit later..Thanks again CH..

  • Looks like an unhappy face.
  • I would try a different color. Red, White, and Blue looks like its an American star. We have an international business. I would start by changing the Red.
  • You would have to have 5 stars on the logo. It gives the ring impression to have 4.5 stars on the company logo. Almost like saying, we are no perfect.
  • Hello CH, Here is my design #84 It represents a Star for "Rating" and a House Roof for "Real Estate" Hi hope you like ! tell me what you think
  • Hi CH, Please check my entry #82..Hope you like it..Thanks
  • This is very nice. I like how you got the house and the stars and check mark going on. It really captures what the company is all about.
    • thanks :) thanks :) thanks :) thanks :) thanks :)

  • #64 is my blue gray version, any feedback would be appreciated, thank you.
  • This is very nice. It is clean and simple and could very well work as our logo.
  • This is my new idea #56. What you think? I really dont know which font is suitable?
  • I would like to see this in a blue and gray.
  • Tell me something about #45 and #52. Do you like. Do you like one of these two logos
  • Dont like it. The words and the logo look like 2 separate things.