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Winning design #260 by trebz, Logo Design for Realty Connects Inc. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by trebz

Project description

My client, Realty Connects Inc., who also goes by 'RCI', needs a new logo.

The logo should look and feel suitable to both commercial and residential real estate.


The 3 possible directions that you can take the colours of design in are:
1. Soft Colours (light, Spring-like colours)
2. Bold Colours (bright and eye-catching colours)
3. Strong Colours

The current logo says 'RCI' and underneath it says 'Realty Connects Inc.' You have the freedom to design a logo that says one or the other, or both like their current logo does. I have attached their current logo for reference.


Please do not use puzzle pieces in the design.

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  • ATTENTION DESIGNERS. My client would love it if a key could be incorporated into the design. It's important that designs be classy & elegant.
    • @closedloopsolutions
      I just noticed your comment but I think I've done same as your client ask please checkout #245
      And #246 I hope I can submit one more before the contest end. :)

      Thank you

    • @CoreGraphics I should mention that the business name is Realty Connects Inc. It is not Realty Connection.

    • @closedloopsolutions Oh, sorry, my bad. Let me fix...

    • @closedloopsolutions the job is done :) please check #306

    • @closedloopsolutions the job is done :) please check #306

      I've tried to provide my designing brief, but don't know why the system says "contest doesn't exist"...
      However here is the detail;

      About #306,

      1. I've designed the key INCORPORATED yet it is minimal. Besides The company sale apartments near to the beach, that's why I gave a wavy water look at the middle.
      2. Overall the font, that's bring the classy look yet whole logo turnout elegant. Commercial as well as indicates residential real estate.
      3. The logo is serious and mature not childish neither playful.
      4. Color is Soft (light gray) and Strong (The blue). By combining them I've made a Strong color feel.

      5. luxurious but Easily memorable.
      - - - - -
      Let me know if you have any question/s.

      Thank you

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