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Project description

Hamtramck Recycling Hamtramck Recycling is a business located in Hamtramck MI, this business takes in garbage from garbage trucks and recycling through all the garbage. We pull out cardboard, paper, plastic (in the form of crates and such) plastic wrap, and wood. Once we recycling through all the trash the leftover waste is put into a transfer trailer and is taken to a landfill or burner. We are known as Hamtramck Recycling or simply HR. But since we are in the business of transfer waste to the landfill, we are also know as a transfer station. Logo for building: We would like a simple “HR” logo as well as the words “Hamtramck Recycling” below or next to the logo, then in maybe finer print “& Transfer” or “& transfer Station” as we would like to let people know we transfer waste as well as recycle it. Design: I like the simple HR with the H and R being different colors, black and lime green, or charcoal and lime green. Maybe dark cool grey aswell. I am open to a recycling arrow of some type but it would have to be very subtle, we want to look very professional. As of this time I haven’t seen anything I’ve liked with recycling arrows, but I’m open to something new. Hopefully what you come up with may be moved around and resized to work on a business card and as a letterhead. At this time we are trying to get something for the side of the building. I have attached some design I made with Paint, I really like the font, but am again, open to something else. Thank you for your time spent on this project whether we end up working together or not, it will be much appreciated. -Seth

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