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Winning design #40 by oliviakonys, Logo Design for Red Lodge Chiropractic Clinic Contest
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designed by oliviakonys

Project description

Looking for a custom logo design.  Chiropractic clinic in small mountain town in Montana.  Active community with Skiing, Hiking, Fishing, Hunting nearby.  Our practice includes both Injury/ Pain management and wellness care.

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  • I ready feedback #166
  • I ready #165
  • Here is a version that uses flat colors instead of gradients. #159
  • About #157, @chirodanmt I can also work to make the logo black and white instead of greyscale with the gradients if you prefer that.
  • logo design #158
  • Let me know if you like these fonts and colors! I can change/alter if not. #157
  • logo design #156
  • Simple creative design with 3 colors #154
  • About #40, @chirodanmt - also: would you prefer "Red Lodge" to be in serif type or "chiropractic"?
    • @oliviakonys Chiropractic...and larger.

  • new revision font #153
  • Red Lodge Chiropractic Clinic 2 #152
  • Red Lodge Chiropractic Clinic 1 #151
  • About #40, @chirodanmt Thank you for your valuable feedback! I am excited to show you revisions to this design. Do you have any preferred color schemes to see alongside a black and white option? If you have no preference at this time, may I suggest light blue and red, pale green and navy, or yellow and light blue?

    I will post revisions for you shortly to review!
  • hello!
    i hope you enjoy my proposal!
    if you want any changes please let me know #119
  • Hi. This entry is getting great reviews from my peers. Here is some feedback in case you wanted to try any changes.

    #40 has a cool spine/mountain image. I would prefer seeing the B&W version to see how it holds up when not relying on color. The words "Red Lodge" are more dominant than the words "chiropractic clinic." Personally I would want my type of business to be more important in the hierarchy.

    I don't like the run together text and I prefer one font to be serif and one to be san serif...better separation visually and style is professional and more in keeping with your type of business and clients

    I like number 40 but would like to see it in black and white. Also, I think the predominant words should be the business not Red Lodge...

    Overall nice designs, but,... On a personal level, never been a fan of red, white and blue (and yellow). A bit too much of a primary color thing. Gary makes a good point about conversion to black & white. In some designs, the most prominent word would be "Red". Don't think that's your main message. One thing I really like about 40 is that it's simpler due to not including the word clinic. Makes the message simpler visually and more to the point. All that said, 40 in different colors, or 33 if it needs to be red and blue.
  • picture1 #118
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