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I didn't get as many different designers as I was hoping for, but I got a couple really good ones and they were very accomodating and responsive. In the end, I got a logo that met my expectations and satisfied my vision, for a reasonable price and in a timely manner.

CA$400 paid

62 custom designs

9pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #62 by senadneslan_juventus, Logo Design for RedEarth Farming Contest
Gold Medal

designed by senadneslan_juventus

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Sugar Beet farm

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  • Those are great! I would like a copy of each of these two logos. I’ll finalize the contest today - you’re the winner! Thank you for your hard work on my project. #62
  • Yeah, the red sunset doesn’t look very good, not enough contrast in the graphic so we’ll leave the sunset yellow. I’ll stick with #51, but I’d like to see it just with the yellow strip of earth under the machinery done in the same colour red as the text, instead of yellow. Thanks for so many revisions, we’re almost done. After I see this, I think I should’ve satisfied. #60
  • This is the one! I want to try a couple more things, but I think this is great and I'll probably want a copy of this one.
    Can you try to make the sunset some sort of red, and then do the "Red" in the text the same color red? I think that might tie the graphic together. I'm not sure what kind of red would work...maybe some blend of different shades of red or something? What can you come up with? And maybe try a version of the logo where the yellow strip of ground under the tractor is red too, again, not a bright red but something like the shade you have in this font.
    I hope that makes sense... #51
  • Awesome! Can you make the green and red in the text both a bit darker, and make the letter spacing in "Farming" less, so that the "F' is under the "E" in REDEARTH and the "g" is under the "T" in REDEARTH? Also, I'd like it to be Farming, not FARMING. I hope that makes sense. Thanks, great work! #44
  • Google "arts way beet digger" ryanzstudios, to see the sort of machine I want, along with "John Deere front wheel assist tractor". Or look at designs #34-46. I like your graphic style, but has to have the right graphic too! Thanks... #48
  • I think the older one was a little better, its just not quite as clean as senadneslan_j's, he's got the right idea. See his #40 if you want to keep trying basso82! Thank you for your efforts. #41
  • You've got the graphic! Very nice. Last detail I'd like to explore is whether a sunset behind the tractor/digger would improve it, or not - maybe same color yellow as rest of graphic, or what do you think?

    I'm still not satisfied with the font/text. I want it to be similar to the other logo I uploaded, so that they look connected. I'm thinking to use the same font as in the other logo, and have REDEARTH all capitalized with "RED" in the color red, and "EARTH" in green like the graphic, and then have "Farming" in smaller text, green, and with indents on both sides. See what you can do with that?

    We are close to getting it finished. Thanks! #40
  • My revision #30 #41
  • You’ve got it! Now if you can just increase the size of the digger relative to the tractor, I think the graphic will be almost done. For the font, I like how clean and simple it looks, but it just doesn’t seem like quite the right font. Can you also try a few different fonts? Thanks! #34
  • That’s really good! The beet digger doesn’t look quite right, but it’s close and the tractor is real good! Is it possible to find or make a different beet digger graphic? To see what I have in mind, google “Arts Way Beet Digger”. #30
  • Possible to square up the cab of the tractor, or otherwise make the tractor look a little closer to the jpgs I attached? Or just google John Deere front wheel assist tractor. I like a more minimalist font and style like #14 below, but I like your graphic better. #19
    • @kerby_redekop Hello! Thanks for the feedback. I made changes, I hope now is okay!Thank you :)

  • See senadjeslan_j’s graphics rejetok, they are on the right track, but I like your font and graphic work too, please stick with it, thanks! #29
  • See senadjeslan_j’s graphics basso82, they are on the right track. Keep trying, I like your more minimalist approach and font designs. Thanks for sticking with it! #28
  • Can you find or make a graphic with a tractor and sugar beet digger as in the jpg pics I uploaded, to replace the grain combine you’ve got on this design @creativebang? #13
  • Can you find or make a graphic with a tractor and sugar beet digger as in the jpg pics I uploaded, to replace the grain combine you’ve got on this design @rejetok? #9
  • Can you find or make a graphic with a tractor and sugar beet digger as in the jpg pics I uploaded, to replace the grain combine you’ve got on this design @basso82? #8
  • Very nice...but the machine in the graphic is a grain combine; I’m looking for a tractor and sugar beet harvester as in the jpg pics I uploaded. Otherwise I really like it @ryanzstudios #14
  • Do you own this current logo that you've uploaded or is it one you have provided as inspiration?
    • @macfreek I own it, I had it made a couple years ago.

  • Thanks guys, I like what I'm seeing...but I think I wasn't being clear about what machinery/equipment I want pictured. You are giving me pictures of combine harvesters, when I want the machinery pictured to be a tractor and beet digger, as I have uploaded in the files digger3 and digger4. My farm doesn't use combines, only the beet diggers. Sorry if my previous comment wasn't clear enough. Still though, I like the different variations I'm seeing. Please try to switch the equipment in the logo, and then we'll go from there.
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