Reewire - Re-wiring financial circuits

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Project description

Reewire is a fintech company providing cutting edge mobile financial services solutions, such as mobile payment, mobile money transfers, mobile banking and mobile money etc..

Our customers are banks, telecom operators and services providers, such as insurance companies, money transfer companies, micro finance institutions etc.

We want to refresh, modernize and professionalize or corporate visual identity starting by redefining our corporate logo. Hereafter we will launch a second contest for our product logo - The 4M Platform.

Once we have the 2 logos we will work directly with the winning designer(s) to establish a full corporate visual identity design guide that will cover our business cards, power point and letterhead templates as well as the redesign of our website and content as well as gadgets, such as pens, USB sticks. T-Shirts, Caps etc.

The logo should work well on print as well as web and mobile devises. The logo should also have a simple version as a symbol or icon to be used URL ICON or SmartPhone Icons etc.

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