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Winning design #1646 by designrealMe, Logo Design for Reewire - Connecting people & services Contest
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designed by designrealMe

Project description

Reewire is a fintech company providing cutting edge mobile financial services solutions, such as mobile payment, mobile money transfers, mobile banking and mobile money etc..

Our customers are banks, telecom operators and services providers, such as insurance companies, money transfer companies, micro finance institutions etc.

We want to refresh, modernize and professionalize or corporate visual identity starting by redefining our corporate logo. Hereafter we will launch a second contest for our product logo - The 4M Platform.

Once we have the 2 logos we will work directly with the winning designer(s) to establish a full corporate visual identity design guide that will cover our business cards, power point and letterhead templates as well as the redesign of our website and content as well as gadgets, such as pens, USB sticks. T-Shirts, Caps etc.

The logo should work well on print as well as web and mobile devises. The logo should also have a simple version as a symbol or icon to be used URL ICON or SmartPhone Icons etc.

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  • npe
    Congratulations you have won the design contest. Please change the tag-line to: Connecting People and Services #1646
  • npe
    Dear Designers,

    Thanks for the great creative effort you put into our design contest for Reewire's corporate logo. There are really a lot of good creative ideas. It is even hard for us to keep up with evaluating and rating all the entries.

    As mentioned in the brief we have now launched the second contest for our product logo "The 4M Platform". Also as a guaranteed contest and with the same amount to the winners. We hope that you will also compete in this one and keep an eye on both contests as the two logos have to work well together and in the same context on our new website, brochures, gadgets etc. Who knows 1 of you may win both contests :)

    Our objective is to choose the 2 logos that work best together and individually complementing each other. However that does not mean that the 2 logos should look alike or even use the same colors or design principles. As you can see the 2 logo's today are very different. It's about finding the right balance and reflection of the creative brief for each of the 2 logos, but also finding the right harmony between them to co-exist in the same context.

    For the corporate logo it is only our key team that has been selecting and rating the logos so far. Saturday we are going to launch a voting that will be sent out to all our partners, entire Reewire team, friends and family, business acquaints etc, via Linkedin and Facebook, e-mailing etc. so the ratings as you see them now may change, when many people vote on the contest. All rated entries by saturday will be part of the voting.

    Pls. note that it is mandatory in order to win that the logo has a icon version. There are many good full logo's without a icon version, but we cannot rate them above 50 without the icon.

    My apologies that it is impossible to give personalized feedback to each and everyone of you, but over the weekend we will share more input from the voters with the most promising contestants. There is still a lot of room to be creative - No one is above rating 80 yet. Think out of the box and be top-creative - We love your work - it looks great and we are absolutely sure that the final result is going to astonishing.

    All the best of luck - and may the best designer win


    • @npe Hi, sir ,. Thank you for liking my design, and i really hope you choose my design. I can change the design as you see fit, and do feedback.

    • @npe Hi, sir ,. I can change the design as you wish after you choose my design. thank you

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  • About #1915, the letter R showing wiring. @soniadhariwal
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    Please check. thanks #1904
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    my designs,.
    Thak you,. #1881
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    Thank you,. #1880
  • @npe
    Hello Sir, this is my proposal for you... I hope it's not too late and you are still open for proposals.
    I am working for the 4M Platform logo too.
    Wish you all the best.
    Thank you #1867
  • i have do you like my concept designs #1866
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