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Winning design #102 by margus, Logo Design for Refresh of old logo for 50th Anniversary Contest
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designed by margus

Project description

This is a contest for an ANNIVERSARY LOGO. This will be our 50th anniversary. We would like this logo to communicate how long we've been in business (1962-2012) and really celebrate our brand. While we have very whimsical branding that we do use (See our oldest and probably most well known logo is a little house with a bagel in it and some smoke coming out of the chimney. This can be seen very small on the top right of our website or by searching google images. The tagline that has been used for the past 50 years is "The Original and Still The Best". We would like this new logo to be eye-catching and very celebratory--something we can use immediately and for years to come. This should be able to be printed in black and white, as well as color. None of the colors on the contest site truly match our branding colors. To see a better representation of these, please again see our website ( This logo should be as easy to read and understand at the size of a small thumbnail (as shown here on the contest site) or as a big package detail or tee-shirt decal. As part of the final graphics we will need a black and white version, as well as the color version.

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  • too similar to old design
  • too modern
  • This is cute, but too different from out current logo
  • I uploaded a grafic of the text/font we use currently. I'd also like the dates 1962-2012 be included somehow also. I like this one a little better than the other one. It will translate into a one color version better.
  • I uploaded a grafic of the text/font we use currently. I'd also like the dates 1962-2012 be included somehow also
  • I know the requirements, and I see the competition. I wanted to take a crack at it however, in my own vein. Something cute and simple that shows slight contrast.
  • I like your work, but we are trying to keep the house motief
  • About #48 Seen the brief. Just wanted to set up a simple and direct by keeping the house motief. About #49 Wanted to the house motief and make it more classy with the 50 years.
  • #59 #60 #61 Made the changes you wanted, a cleaner versions of #44. Also, I made the 50 years more distinct to stand out. Thanks
  • Here is the design in just black and white, so you can see what that would look like too.
  • I tried to incorporate the revisions and text you requested. Hope you like it!
  • 50 needs to be qualified "50th anniversary" "50 Years. Like the design elements and the balance, but it doesn't seem to flow between the ribbon and the business name...
  • Very interesting and doughy looking, but a huge departure from our current logo. Is it possible to make the lines a little cleaner keeping all the elements that we are hoping to communicate: 1962-2012, 50th anniversary...don't love the cloud floating up on the right side...
  • Love how the bagel looks 3d. I think this design is very eye catching, but want to see some revisions having to do with what is communicated--would like it these elements included: 1962-2012, 50th anniversary...Maybe also rays of sunshine outlined or something so that this could be reproduced in black and white or 1 color...
  • ch, thanks for the feedback, let me work on it tonight to see how i can improve on it.
  • Interesting modern take on our existing logo. Would like to see 5o qualified, otherwise looks like logo might be saying that this is the 50th House of Bagels opened. Also would like to see yeats 1962-2012. Like "50th Anniversary" better than just "50 years"
  • Like the idea of this one and can see this being useful as on packages, bags etc. but as is too busy. Need to be able to see and understand design even when it is small as with the thumbnails here on this contest site. Right now cannot read and see all elements clearly unless it is viewed larger
  • Has all elements we would like to see in the logo. However, do not like the ribbon with "years" coming out of the center of the bagel. Think the design would look nicer if the two ribbons were symetrical about the design, but then there is the problem of having just the number 5o sitting inside the house without saying 50 what. Not sure how to direct you to solve this...
  • Backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contest holder
  • About #66 and #67 i make the logo look classic i make the concept is the shape have 50 spike, it mean your 50th aniversary i hope you like it :)