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I was pleased with the contest and ultimately ended up with a Logo I really like that fit the criteria I asked for. I had used another type of logo design site prior and it was a complete waste of time. Thank you.


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Winning design #27 by CDS, Logo Design for Regal Dog Contest
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designed by CDS

Project description

Tag line is: Loyalty Deserves Royalty I sell High End luxury and custom made dog products, so the logo needs to be unique, smart and sophisticated. I do not want any old-style busy, swirling, hard to read type styles. I'm open to colors - 2 color, 3 color, full color - whatever works. I want a clever, unique logo that is not overly cute or cartoonish. I really don't want the overused Paw Print clip art look at all. I really like incorporating clever design elements with typography into something smart and sophisticated.

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  • Hi Ch, please take a look of my design ( #5 ) for your feedback thanks
  • Hi CH, I uploaded new design #1. Please feedback. Best regard
  • Hi there~ I created a logo for your review that features a dog's head in the shape of an 'R'. The icon can also be used as a separate element throughout your marketing. Colors can easily be revised to your preference. See what you think: #28
  • I looked over your past work and like your design ideas. The tagline does not read well (very small in comparison with the all caps logo) and the tail may get lost when it is printed in a smaller form - like a business card. I do like the idea of using two typestyles. On the other logo, the dog's head inside the O was not obvious as to what it was. I'd like to see if you have some more ideas.
    • Thanks for your kind words about my design work. I'll continue to brainstorm. I've made some adjustments for you with #23. I made the tagline larger and also presented it on a paper mock up so you might see there isn't much as far as loss of detail goes, even when printed small. I also added the diamond element to the "r" for another unique touch. Let me know if you've got any other suggestions for improvement. Thanks, Kristi

  • I'm still looking for something innovative/clever. I'm throwing another idea out here that I haven't seen yet - Maybe someone can try do to something unique with the R in Regal
  • Hi sloree~ I designed a couple logos for your consideration that feature your company initials 'RD' combined as an icon with a regal crown. Hope you like the concepts: #18 and #19 Kind regards, PaintedPony
  • Hi CH, Can you please give me an example what kind typography you like on the logo. Best regard.
    • |--|

      cp105bc {*wrote*}:
      Hi CH, Can you please give me an example what kind typography you like on the logo. Best regard.
      |--| I don't have a particular typeface, however, When I go Google "clever logos" there are lots of examples of clever logos that work for the products they represent. What I don't want is the big dog, or overused paw print, or any of the old scrolling hard to read typefaces. I'd like something fresh and modern - with an element of royal/regal and an element of a dog. I realize this is not an easy task - as I've had a difficult time coming up with it - which is why I wanted to have someone more talented come up with it.

  • I appreciate the entries. I'm still looking for something modern that is smart and sophisticated - using typography - something clever with an element of canine.
  • Can you give me any particular reason why mine were eliminated?
  • HI sloree, I just posted my entry #43 hope to hear feedback from you. thanks
    • I like your icon design, really cool. _____________________________________

    • i like your design too its really nice and cool!_______________________

    • Thanks. ____________________________________________

  • About #40 - I revised the logo slightly to include a dog with short ears such as a Labrador Retriever for comparison. #28 features a dog with long ears such as a King Charles Spaniel. Cheers, PaintedPony
  • Hi there, I created a couple of options for you #36 #37 #38. The concepts are typography based and have a minimalistic, contemporary feel. Colors can be changed as per your preference. If you can provide feedback, I would appreciate it. Best Regards EcoDesigns
  • Hi Sloree CH, This is my first time here in hope you have some feed backs on #32. Thanks!
  • Hi, I produce a design for your reference #31. Please go through it and give your valuable feed back. Thankyou Vipish TP
  • your entry is a copy of entry 27
  • Hey! I have submitted #68 for your consideration. If you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks, Elliot.
  • Hi Sloree. Please find my entries #60, #61, #62. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
  • HI CH, I upload new design #52. I'm ready for your feedback and requests.
  • #51 is an alternative concept based on my first proposal (#50), featuring a German Shepherd's crowned head in a striking and noble pose. The framing is simpler while maintaining the color scheme.
  • Hello sloree, here's my draft concept: #50. The stylized moulded framing and 2-tone color scheme are suggestive of royalty without being gaudy, while the solid, healthy and recognizable figure of a trusty Lab with a playfully tilted crown centers the composition. A few simplified logo variations are shown for print and icon applications. I'm ready for your feedback and requests.