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I am so glad I did this! I heard about this website from friends that had used it to find a logo. There were so many different entries that it really opened my eyes to see different visions of what I was looking for. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that is looking for a logo/business card..etc. Awesome idea!

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Winning design #65 by TheLadyMiha, Logo Design for Reiki Rocks! Contest
Gold Medal

designed by TheLadyMiha

Project description

I would like a logo for my business Reiki Rocks! Reiki is a holistic healing using universal life energy channeled from the giver to the recepient to balance one's mind/body/spirit. I work on both people and animals. I also sell crystals/minerals which some people refer to as 'rocks' or stones. I would like a logo that uses crystals so people would realize the meaning of the name. I would like something that is fun and female as opposed to masculine looking.

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  • I love this one, I really like how the crystal is incorporated right into the O.
    • Thank you! is there anything I can can change/add to better suit the design concept you want? I am totally flexible, so ask away.

    • |--|

      fweaver {*wrote*}:
      Thank you! is there anything I can can change/add to better suit the design concept you want? I am totally flexible, so ask away.
      |--| can you change the picture that is in the O at all? just to see what something else would look like there?

    • Yes, of course! I'll do a couple of different designs for you to choose from.

    • Did you have something in mind specifically? A different type crystal, color, or orientation?

  • I love this design, this one has the best representation of crystals so far. I look at it and I think of crystals. I have a question, most of the designs I am seeing are pretty angular, is it possible to do this concept but have rounded crystals? Thanks so much!
    • Thank you, I will make the crystals round. Regards :)

  • I like the coloring in the letters but I do not like the symbol.
  • thank you for changing your design, but it's not in my top 3.
  • Hello, I submitted entry #12. Feedback would be greatly appreciated, and thank you so much for your time!
  • Hello, thank you for your time. this one..i don't like the space in the font, it looks as if it has a white line going through. I see what you are going for with the crystals, but they look like skyscrapers to me. Too masculine.
    • thank you for the quick feedback, I completely see where you are coming from and have submitted #11. I feel this has a much less masculine feel to it than the previous entry. I also played with the crystals a little as i can again, see where you are coming from. Do you think i'm nearly there or an entire new crystal design is needed? Thanks once again for your time.

  • I really like this one..your crystals look like a cluster of crystals.
  • Hello craftytoni18, i have submitted design #10. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  • It's ok..i am not getting a crystal vibe with it though.
    • Really? It doesnt look like sheers of crystal like planet Kryptonite? LOL

    • lol, I see what you were going's too uniform though. Crystals are all different shapes and sizes

  • This looks futuristic to me and masculine..but I work in it seems too harsh for me.
  • HiCraftyToni, I just submitted entry #9, any comments or directions? Thanks Carmine
  • I'm liking this one!Is there anyway that R can be filled with images of crystals?
  • This one doesn't say Reiki Rocks!
  • I don't care for the back to back R's. I would really like to use an '!" after Reiki Rocks also.
    • Hi again. Now I inserted an exclamation mark. Maybe you want to change something else. Just let me know.

    • I don't care for this..I want crystals incorporated somehow. Thanks!

    • The crystals are incorporated. You don't see them?

    • I see what you are referring to but that doesn't bring crystals to mind for me.

  • Hello Craftytoni. I have submitted me design #1. Please look at it and thanks for any feedback.
  • Hi, I submitted entry #40, it has the design you liked in a different color scheme, and a similar new design as well. Let me know what you think!
    • Hey, I was wondering what you thought about design #40. Should I keep adding on to this design, or would you like me to submit a totally new design? Thank you.

    • Hello, I like both of these. The only thing I would change is the color of the font in the word Reiki in # 2,maybe use a purple?

  • this is pretty..and I like the colors but it doesn't convey crystals to me.Thanks
  • I like this one without the solitary crystal above. I like this color combo more than your next entry. Thank you!
  • #45 is a combination I mentioned in my previous message.
  • Hi craftytoni, I made something new #32 I hope it's what you had in mind.
    • Beautiful design, wow. I don't even know how you made it. This one should win.

    • petreparca, you made my day :) Thank You very much! Erika

    • But really, i can't stop looking at it and wonder how did you make it. all that with the gradient tool and transparency tool? and how manny layers. i would like to see a tutorial on this logo . and also the colours, everithing matches together. All that using only illustrator? Have a nice day erika

    • Thank's again :) Yes, it's all about playing with gradient,transparency using only illustrator.