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Winning design #103 by egner, Logo Design for Restructure Corporation Contest
Gold Medal

designed by egner

Project description

I need a new log designed for our Commercial & Residential Roofing & General Contracting Company Current logo is basically clipart and some text We also buy, rehab and sell residential homes if that can be incorporated somehow too. Its all construction

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  • new color proposal #21 :)and the colors you preferistes although I still think green and gray looks much better greetings
  • the number #1 design is now better the number #20 the window happens to have put a different color lines and center the Corporation
  • I got brave and took a totally different approach on #11. I look forward to your feedback, thank you!
  • I need feedback on #5 and #6 Do you like the color schemes?
    • Hey thanks for the submittals. Your two entries ware clearly more designed looking and less 'Clip arty" for lack of a better term than the other entries, they just don't appeal to me. # 5 kinds reminds me of Whataburger logo too much. I guess my feedback would be the top one on # 6 in green with a different font would be something heading in the right direction. Agin thanks for the submittal and I hop this helps.

  • Hey, i've submitted design #40 and i really do hope you like it. Please feedback, and tell me if you like it or if you want any changes:) -Victor
  • thanks for rate #12...............................................
  • Hello CH. Thanks for rating my design. I made small changes: I made window a little bit bigger, I changed font style and I putted chimney in both sides #67.
    • Like the font change but not the chimneys

    • Thanks for feedback. I took out the chimneys #71. If you want to change something else, just tell me. I will change with pleasure.

    • Sir Please reply. I am so Happy if you give some reason where is my design is not presentable(not good). Thanks You and Sorry if I am bother you...

  • Hey there. Thanks for the submittal. We like you design and we have narrowed it down to 3. We would like to see some changes. Please eliminate the red roof sample. The font all black. The green roof a more traditional green. Also would like to see some variations on the trees, different type, moved down to just see the tops?? Thanks !
    • Hi, thanks for the feedback. My new entries #64 and #65 with diferent trees in the background as you suggested.

  • Hi again CH, I have uploaded a darker gradient of #58.. Thanks
  • Hello CH, I have already uploaded the revised artwork at #57... Thanks again for the trust CH.
  • Hey there. Your design is high on our list. Do you think you could put square window in instead of the round top ones so we can see what that looks like? Thanks!
    • Hello CH, Thank you for trusting. I will upload later the revised artwork..Thank you again.

  • I was 94 and then removed. Who understands them?? At least they had left for the Portfolio. You're welcome
    • I liked it but the other designs were were more linear so we decided to go that way. Its a process. Thanks for your submittal

  • Hey there. Your design is high on our list. Do you think you could change the font and show us something different? Don't really have anything specific in mind just don't care for this font. Thanks!
    • yes, I can change, but sorry, I have reached the upload limit.

  • Hi contest Holder, Please check my entry #46 with your required color options. if you need any changes i can redo and up load them, thank you very much
  • Hello CH, here is my design for you #43 Tell me what you think, I hope you'll like ! thx
  • Dear CH, let me know if you need any changes on #73 and #79 thanks in Advance
  • Sir Can I make a new design if you not finalize someone design.. Pls reply
  • Hi CH, Design #70 is for your consideration. Please provide me feedback, if it is closer to you. Kind Regards...
  • hello CH, another design to that I've uploaded #87 and #88. Thanks
  • #73 updated as shown in #99(middle roof centered), please let me know if you need any other changes? thanks for the initial feedback:)