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Winning design #204 by ARTOMATIC, Logo Design for Retina San Diego Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ARTOMATIC

Project description

Hi everyone, we are an eye clinic in San Diego, California specializing in the retina of the eye. We mainly treat an older population of patients with lasers or surgeries. We would like our logo to have an eye on the left of "Retina San Diego". We want people to associate the logo with a feeling of cutting-edge technology, professionality while at the same time making our older patients feel comfortable. The logo could have the colors green and blue in it. We would like an elaborate design. I am open to other suggestions and can communicate as much as you want. 

An example of logo design that we like is the following for "AKI senter"


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  • Can you change the upper right one to a lighter blue like #079cf2
    • About #204, @sandiegoretina Hi CH, just want you to know that I can change the color but I'm out of town right now. In case you are going to award my design, I can easily change the color of the background. Thanks!

  • Hi, this my first design submission, please check.
    If you have more intersting from my artwork and
    have a question, please feel free to send feedback
    for better results.

    Thanks #225
  • Feedback please #220
  • Logo idea. Hope im on track. Good luck #208
  • Hi let me know if you need any changes to make. #206
  • Please do check I hope this is will your best logo..Its simple and unique #202
  • Thank you for the change. I think on the blue background, we should have all of the logo in white as the orange doesn't go well with the blue.
    Could you add a completely white logo on a blue background to the design #122 on the upper right section instead of the yellow one?
    Thanks again. Great work! #200
  • very nice design but I am looking for something a little more traditional. #167
  • About #185, @imran007 Do you want colour change or improve this Logo
  • About #159, @tjgraphics nice design. Could you make the letters and the symbol white and the 2 circles surrounding the eye orange? Thanks.
  • Enjoy #182
  • For a cutting-edge technology, this is a one of a kind design from scratch. #180
  • Please, provide feedback of entries #172 and #173 if you like what you see to make any improvements to the logo :) thanks!
  • is this more appropriate? or am I still close? #169
  • Can you try white font but keep part of the logo orange? #159
  • thank you but it is a little too modern for our patients #163
  • the pupil is a laser beam that comes through the iris from the right. Regards. #154
    • @newlightdesigns.001 You made a nice design, but I am looking for a symbol that is more simple.

    • About #154, @sandiegoretina Understood. I'll try my best

  • Your design captures both our need for a symbol that is modern, simple and yet appealing to older patients. Could you give us other colors that you think would fit well on our website?
    Thank you #122
  • Thank you for the design, but I am looking for a symbol that is less modern as most of our patients are old. #152
  • Hi,

    please check my design

    thanks #149
    • @dudiguts Thank you for the design, but I am looking for a symbol that gives a sense of an established practice as most of our patients are old.