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At first, I was a little worried about the number and quality of the entries. Closer to the end of the contest, the competition heated up-- and I got a product that I am happy to buy.

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Winning design #140 by yahl, Logo Design for Retire Me Early & Hard Money Doctor Contest
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designed by yahl

Project description

Design a Two Logos for Two Companies. These are two start-ups in a similar industry but with different target markets. The best logos will have a similar style, similar color palette, and at least one design accent that is common to both. That way, I can have similar branding for both, and you can have a bigger prize for two designs Company #1: Hard Money Doctor. This is a small company that lends money to people who buy, fix, and re-sell houses. You may have heard of “house-flippers.” There is an industry of lenders who will make short term, high interest rate loans, secured by the house as collateral. The industry term for the money that is lent is “Hard Money.” Since I am also a dentist, I added the “Doctor” as a way to differentiate myself from other lenders. Thus, “Hard Money Doctor.” The target market is male, age 30 to 60 years. Our best borrowers have a college degree and have a day job that provides an additional source of income. They are very interested in the costs of all of the services and materials that go into their home-remodeling (re-hab) project because the less they spend, the greater their profit. So, they are cost-conscious. They shop at Target and not at Neiman-Marcus. They eat at Olive Garden, not the local French restaurant. They play softball and do not go to Vail for skiing. You can use a yellow accent color but not too many primary colors. Avoid the McDonalds reds and yellows. Company #2: Retire Me Early This is a pure marketing company that will sell mortgage notes to professionals with plenty of money. The target market is dentists, physicians, lawyers, and other professionals-- especially those with over $500,000 in their retirement plans. The concept is to sell existing mortgages to these investors so that they can get a high rate of return, with predictability. For example, they might get 8% per year, instead of 2% in the bank. Their money is not invested in the stock market-- which goes up and down without predictability. Target market is men over age 40 with graduate degrees. They do shop at Neiman Marcus and are sophisticated and wordly. They are used to dealing with banks and stock brokerage companies. These people ski in Colorado, eat at fancy restaurants, go to the theatre, and are status conscious. They wear designer jeans to go to the movies. The logo should speak to their desire to stop the rat race and finally do what they want to do. It should give the idea of a happy future where money is not a problem-- our investment provides the income to maintain his lifestyle. Perhaps an hourglass as a design element? Just an idea, but please use your own creativity!! Tag line: Time flies Elements of Design: These Two logos do not have to be similar in style. Primary colors (Blue Red, bold yellow are not colors of wealthy people-- these colors are used in marketing for middle and lower economic people. The designs should be modern, clean, and promote trust. These businesses deal with people's money and they take that very seriously. Colors: Medium to deep blue. Avoid anything cartoonish. Serif typestyles are preferred where they have a more formal look, especially for Retire Me Early. Black and white would also look good. Retire Me Early-- think "classy and sophisticated." Avoid the look of "Olive Garden, McDonalds, Wal-Mart, Chevrolet. Go towards Neiman Marcus, Mercedes, Armani. >> It is Very Important to me that your entry "tells the story" of my two companies! Generic geometric shapes that look cool but do not have meaningful connections to the purpose of the company, will not be accepted. << Here are some logos that I like:

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  • hi contest holder, thanks for the great opportunity. I've submitted #6 for your creative judgement. I've incorporated many meaningful segments in the two logos here. For example: in Hard Money Doctor, please notice the arrow in front of the door and beside the wall of the house, which provide symbolic meaning of lending and marching ahead. I've also included tick mark there to denote your company is right. As you're dentist, I've used abstract yet clear tooth symbol at the upper part of the home with yellow highlight. Similarly, in the second logo, Retire me early, I've used tick mark, shield for security/protection and one round line in the front for dynamic and secure meaning. To use the similar approach in the both logos, i've used rounded yellow highlight, blue and black colors and a symbolic chair where the patient of the dentist sits while his/her dentist checks. But for normal eye, it's just a design or pattern. I hope you'll like them. Thanks.
  • Hard Money Doctor: I don't get the arrows. How does that relate to my business? What do 2 arrows pointing at each other have to do with the lending business? Thanks for this effort. Retire Me: One bird should be enough
    • I will upload another concept along with the revisions/enhancements to the other logo.

  • Retire Me Early: I like 1 bird rather than more birds in #4 design. The bird is a little hard to distinguish the details of the bird and wings-- why not a majestic bird , soaring over the words? The tag line looks like part of the company name. It should have a different look, color. Have you considered a swooping visual element that leads off in to the future, with the bird as part of it? Font used in the company name is nice
    • Thanks for your feedback. I too prefer one bird than more birds. The only idea behind using more birds was to represent early retirement compared to others (who are still working). I just wanted to show you the bones of the concept to get a better idea of your vision. I am working on enhancing this concept based on your feedback.

  • To all designers, You can submit both designs in one entry for this contest Thank you
  • Thank you for your entry. Your logo does not tell my story-- and the two are quite similar, although the businesses are different. Your designs look too derivative (similar) to the SunTrust logo. Please think about my target market and the actual business that I am in when you make your design.
  • Thank you for your entry. Your logo does not tell my story-- and the two are quite similar, although the businesses are different. Your designs look too derivative (similar) to the SunTrust logo. Please think about my target market and the actual business that I am in when you make your design.
  • These are very pretty graphics. Unfortunately, your designs are the opposite of my requested specifications.... Nice effort, though. Thanks for entering.
  • Retire me Early-- looking a little better. The stylized bird still does not tell a story about retirement-- "Free as a Bird" is the concept. Suggest that the tag line be in a different font than the company name, so the reader does not think the tag is part of the company name. Try using a curved line to border the tag line, or even a curved line under the tag line, to give the impression of moving up and forward into a new life. See how it looks if the company name is all the same size letters. Hard Money Doctor: I would not like to use the abbreviation as part of the logo. HMD does not tell any story. Yes, a visual icon along with the name would be great.... just not initials. Look at Goldman Sachs, Bank of America-- their names are in a simple square box. Let's keep this simple.... Also, this is going to go onto the webpages and a business card. Think about how the color of the logo will look in those places. Many thanks
  • Retire Me Early: The crest does not say anything about the joys of retirement. The tag line should be in a different font than the company name. Hard Money Doctor: What story does this tell? What is that icon on the roofline? Is it a tooth? The yellow color accent should be a part of each logo-- just an accent.
  • OK-- I am starting to get the idea that you are presenting... Hard Money Doctor is in a house and I lend money for houses. OK Retire me Early.... Would you consider a bird that is soaring upwards rather than a flat bird. Would you try to avoid the hint of a clip art image, please. Keep working on the concept-- yours is the best of the lot, so far...... I would like to see more creativity to tell the story, as opposed to relying on the fonts and graphic style of the text. I have hope for you, ecodesign!
    • Thanks for the very encouraging feedback! I am working on it and will upload later today. PS: Is there any chance of making the contest blind? I can see the 'bird' concept being stolen already ;)

  • Please see my comments on your other entry. Thank you for submitting
  • I'm thinking about this one....... It took me some time to see the stylized house in the logo. The use of color is good and I like that it reflects the split color of the icon. ammari, keep thinking about this one!
  • The graphic elements seem disconnected from the text elements. Font does not give the feeling of elegance, sophistication......
  • I don't get the idea of using a crown..... How does that say freedom from your daily job? Thanks for your entry
  • The circle does have a yellow accent, although I do not know what the circle has to do with money lending...... I don't get the concept Retire me early... well, it does have a bird..... I don't get the concept of the stars, the big bird....... I suppose that the idea has to hit me in the first few seconds to make an impact.
  • Hi Michael, I've uploaded #48 for you to evaluate. I've incorporated many smaller parts here to provide you a whole creative symbol. Please notice, free bird, setting sun, steps for success, home, sign of positivism- right arrow, yellow accent etc. You also can find initials RME and HMD. The logo is clear even in a smaller proportion. I hope you'll like the concept and provide me feedback, thanks.
  • Eco, I like this bird because it is flying left to right, and that is how the logo reads. The previous effort had black text on the yellow sun and seemed stronger. Would you kindly provide a choice liek that. Also, what do you think about putting a light gradient (even a tinge of orange at the bottom third) on the sun... more like a setting sun. The idea is that the viewer's time is running short, the sun is setting, it is time to take action now, before it is too late...... you get the idea.....
    • I love the idea of the setting sun. The impact would get even stronger with this addition. Let me make an option for this. Be right back!

    • #40 #41 #42 #43 and #44 are some options for this direction. I have tried to show you some choices so that you have a better comparison.

  • Art, this looks a little too derivative of the other logos that were previously submitted. Can you give us some new, fresh., original ideas?
  • Interesting use of the dollar bill logo with my concept. I'm going to have to sleep on this one..... It is a new direction in thinking-- good one!
  • I would repeat my comment about "proportions." Car manufacturers use large graphic icons in their ads-- because they are the same emblem that they use on the front of their cars. In my case, the icon should be smaller, or part of the text-- because I am not as well known as Toyota! :) This is a very bold look. Almost looks "official government with the eagle and stars." I don't think it is the direction that I want to go. Good creativity, though!