Really enjyoed using DesignContest - I went back and forth with designers through out contest and the result was agreat new logo. Website is still alittle buggy and not supr easy to navigate, but I liked the process and outcome.


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Winning design #146 by penasaran, Logo Design for RETJG.COM  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by penasaran

Project description

Jay Re-Commerce Solutions helps apparel and shoe brands and retailers solve the complications arounds excess inventory and returned merchandise.  

We identify, sort, and grade items as they enter our system and decide the correct channel to resell the goods to maximize the recovery.  We sell merchandise online, wholesale, export, and coordinate charity donations depending on the desires of each brand partner. Our solution helps brands and retailers financially, operationally, as well as maintain social and enviromental 

We leverage our 80 years of history in the inventory and export business with our technology and people to be the world's leader in re-commerce solutions.  


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  • About #146, @penasaran
    You are the Winner! Wondering if you can add another arrow some how? we do things going to customers and coming back? maybe on the white part of the e or two on the r? Also anything you can make the red into a bright green? like pantone 347 range?
  • Please check my designs, i hope you will like it and please tell me for any modifications #191
  • #178
  • #174
  • Just E letter in negative perspective. Hope u like it #163
  • Some improvements on the text and color #161
  • RETJG.COM #159
  • RETJG.COM #158
  • Fixing the missing 'M' in the commerce in my previous design #150. #151
  • Dear CH,
    I created this logo by using a negative perspective on the RE letters. I look forward to your feedback. I hope you like this logo. #150
  • draft #148
  • draft #147
  • draft #146
  • draft #145
  • Hi, hope you like it, and let me know if you need anything, thank you. #138
  • Hello, ch.
    Please give me your feedback for better design.

    Best Regards. #137
  • About #128
    Dear CH , Please check this my Design
    Thank you
  • please check my design
    thank #107 #111 #112
  • I really like this, really like the arrows in as the E - can you do one like this expect this the two color circle in #88. #87
    • @gking Yes of course, here they are #102 #103

  • My proposal design 07 #101