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Winning design #158 by hih7, Logo Design for Reverse The Clock Contest
Gold Medal

designed by hih7

Project description

The full name is Reverse The Clock Formula (RTC Formula). We would like the main focus to be on the abbreviation (RTC Formula).
Reverse The Clock is a cosmetic company, mainly dealing with facial and skin care.
We're open to many unique ideas for our logo.  We're also open to any colors, we want to get inspiration and would like to see the designers vision.

After a few submissions now, we would like to see some designs that include both the abbreviation and full name together in one logo

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  • @hih7

    Could you please try writing within the leaf on #148
    Also Could you use the same colors you used in #70
  • Could you try to put the writing within the leaf please #148 @hih7
  • please give me constructive criticism , and leave your valuable feedback :)
    Thanks #122
  • Hi! Look my design #94, @splayd
  • @ AndreyCourt: please check #85, #86. hope you'll like it. thanks
  • with a little add #27
    • @Hanic Thank you for your creative design, Could you try to make the nose and chin a bit more feminine and gentle please

    • @AndreyCourt for sure ;) and thank you for replying me

    • @AndreyCourt hi ch kindly check my proposal #82 #83

  • excuse me sir, I've create design for RTC "Reverse the Clock Formula". my concept it's needle of clock on T. thank's for your attention sir.

    best regards from Severus #68
  • As you've requested once again, I've included the original design w/ various Shades of Blue, and with the platinum style. Design itself remains unchanged. #63
  • Hello, with the modifications you ask for :) #61
  • As you've requested, here's the Shades of Blue version of the logo, along with the platinum style. #43
    • @KeyJayPi We really liked the way the platinum turned out. Could you have two with the same colors compared next to each other? One with the original way you did it (RTC | Formula) and the second with the full name.

  • Thank you for working close to me. I have followed your feedback and tried to bring some uniqueness and freshness on the revision and posted here.

    We really like that you followed the concept we were trying to achieve but our only problem with this logo is that it seems a bit old fashion, also we don’t want to label our company towards a specific gender. Thank you for your time. (DONE)

    Kindly check and send me your views , i am ready to work on your any requirement #35
    • @hih7 We really like the renovations you did to your original design, Could you make a few different colors instead of the green to compare. Such as blue with black, platinum with green, and platinum with blue. Thank you

  • I just realized that my previously submitted design was a little too small. This version is enlarged to help see the design better.

    So, once again: Added the fullname of the business along with the abbreviation. Logo design remains unchanged. Will upload another version w/ less than 50 Shades of Blue. #42
  • As you've requested, I've included the fullname of the abbreviation in the logo. Logo itself remains unchanged. Will upload another one with less than 50 shades of blue. #36
  • kindly check my proposal,, i hope you like #22
  • Attention all designers, we really appreciate all the designs submitted and the great creativity everyone presented. We would like to add an additional request: We would like the design to include the abbreviation (RTC Formula) along with the full name in a smaller font (Reverse The Clock)
  • This is my interpretation of "reversing the clock": a sand clock with the shapes of a diamond and sand inside. The sand clock was chosen as a literal representation of RTC(reversing the clock, literally). The diamond and sand pile shape has meanings: the diamond represents the beauty of a person, while the sand represents the blemishes that hide the beauty.

    In short, the idea I had in mind while coming up with the design is: "by reversing the clock, beauty is revealed." #19
    • @KeyJayPi We really like the concept of the logo design you created, its very clean and bold (strong). You really went for the colors we had in mind before starting the contest, overall this is a great logo and we would like to see maybe different varieties in the shades of blue or how it would look like platinum.

  • Hello contest holder

    I have carefully followed brief and posted a design concept for you
    Kindly check and provide me your feedback , so that i can understand what is your choice and able to present u a perfect design of your choice..

    I will be waiting for your reply

    Regards:) #11
    • @hih7 We really like that you followed the concept we were trying to achieve but our only problem with this logo is that it seems a bit old fashion, also we don’t want to label our company towards a specific gender. Thank you for your time.

  • logo I made was that I add the name RTC few ornaments

    i hope you like it #10
    • @yudhistira We feel as if there is too much going on in this logo, we want it to be more simple and the main focus to be on the name. We appreciate the creativity, thank you.

  • feedback please #9