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Winning design #51 by darianjc, Logo Design for Contest
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designed by darianjc

Project description

I currently have a clean logo to were of the the MyBill is done with a thicker heavier font. I like the lokk of or how the i has a unique top. Also I have a magnyfying glass that has a dollar sign under it that looks as if it is being magnified when under the glass. I like the leaf that has the dollar bill bulit into it like maybe we could dot the i with these leafs. Under my logo i want the words Cellular Savings Made Simple Same carrier..Same Contract..Lower Bill ! Please know that i want my logo to basically have three sections.. the logo my slogon under it (centered) and then the last slogan centerned under the first slogan. Also i would like the logo for my website to possibly have a light mirrir effect

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  • You did nothing but take my logo and adsome leafs on top of the dot of the Is. I only included the logo so tgat the magnifying glass could be used. Please do interlly using only the magnifying glass provided magnifying glass supplied
  • we are getting close if you could keep the same font as it was earlier and maybe just pulled it a little and if you could make the magnifying glass a little smaller so that it doesn't look over power ring
    • Keep the same font and maybe just what exactly?? and make glass smaller..

    • Keep the same font as u had earlier and please make the magnifying glass smaller so that it is not so big... it seems that it is currently too big for the logo

    • Or can u show me what it looks like with the same font and size as tge MyBill

    • The same font and size as the MyBill looks EXACTLY like #19

    • It cant.... if u type out ReviewMy in the same saze and font as tge MyBill it will look good. .. I hope

    • Just make the ReviewMy the same font as in #19 just larger... so that it is the same height as MyBill

  • Please please use the magnifying glas that I supplied and Carrier needs a capital C
    • sorry, can you give some slots for me to revise my design? thank you

    • Some slots? I'm sorry I do not know what that means

    • I can not send my revised design, because I level 1, and I only have 3 chances, can you give me some further revisions advantage? thank you

  • The font of the Review is differen from #19... all I want is the same font only bold.. or maybe u coukd use thw same font as the MyBill part...
    • It is the exact same font. #19 is Myriad Pro and #22 is Myriad Pro Bold.

    • |--|

      darianjc {*wrote*}:
      It is the exact same font. #19 is Myriad Pro and #22 is Myriad Pro Bold.
      |--| Well then can u use the same font as the MyBill part... same size..

    • Or can you send it back with the same font just not bold? But the same hieght as tge MyBill

    • not a problem. I will get to work on it right now.

    • |--|

      darianjc {*wrote*}:
      not a problem. I will get to work on it right now.
      |--| Thank u

    • I am working on it as we speak.. but i am noticing that the font "My Bill" is in looks EXACTLY like the other. the "my bill" font is in "Nirmala UI Bold" and it looks exactly like "Myraid Pro Bold"

    • Can u just usethe same font as in #19 but make it larger...?


    • Larger as in thicker?? or do you mean larger as in overall size? I could all caps it or just enlarge the word.

    • Same font... not bold just larger size so that the top of the letters lineup

  • U bolded the .com but not tge ReviewMy part... also u are not using my magnifying glass
  • Hello CH, I have submitted #21 for your review. I have made the changes you suggested.
  • And please bold.. or thicken the Review word
  • Just so we are on the same page... I only want to remive the leaf that doesnt have the $ in
  • Can u drop the on part of the leaf on the dot of the I... also can u make it a $ in the magnifying glass and not the leaf
    • Drop the second leaf from the dot? and put a regular $ in the magnifying glass? making sure Im getting you clearly.

    • Yes.. I just realized the Review word much smaller than the MyBill words... can u inlarge a little and bold it... also if u could possibly use the magnifying glas from the sample logo provided

  • Can u please use the magnifying glass from the sample logo I provided... also please bold the Review also please capitilize the c in Carrier
  • i just wanted to confirm that you got the message that i wanted to use my magnifying glass and tht it is to be in the same place as my sample logo.... also i wantedt o maybe bold the Review word a little. thank you
  • Also.. i would like to capiltalis the C in Contract
  • i love the logo... but i realy wold like to see if you could use my magnfying glass and place it infromn of of ( as it is in my sample). Also can you possibly bold the Review word and the .com
  • Can u please use the magnifying glass I gave and place it where it is in my sample... also can u bild the Review word a litttle more
  • Hello CH, I just submitted #4 for your review. Any feedback would be awesome! Thank You
  • Yeah I definitely want the sligan to be be the same size... can u somehow make them bothe the same size so it fits under the
    • If I made them the same size, one of them is going to have to get stratched and distorted and the font is going to look waaaaaaay different from the rest.

    • Email me from here on out... I cannot use this flipping site any longer to communicate. . Call me or email me or 3142589282

  • So can u show me what 51 would look like if you keep the same carrier same contract lower bill as the same size as cellular savings made simple
    • I dont have anymore entries left, but If I am selected winner we will go through a finalization phase where we can make final revisions and I can show you things you would like to see.

    • Ok... how do I tell them u won?

    • Read this:

    • There is a tiny silhouette of a trophy above each design, you click the trophy on the design that you have chosen to win

    • I wanted to choose 50 as a winner but on accident I clicked on the eliminate button

    • you can un-eliminate a design back into the contest

    • How... I really am computer illiterate sometimes

    • If you cant figure out how to un-eliminate it, you can just choose one of my other entries, but I know which one to send you.

    • Ok... its just is really hard doing this from my phone... im getting on a computer now

    • my email is CAN YOU PLEASE SEND ME THE LOGO WITH THE Cellualr Savings made simple .. on the left and the Same carrier Same contrcat on the right... i know that the right slogan will run a little far to the right

  • #51 Is the example I was referring too.. In order to fill up the space proportionately on the left, I had to enlarge "Cellular Savings" and decrease the size of "Same Carrier" without distorting the words.
  • Im sorry, i thought #50 was what you asked for.. Did I not understand you??
    • Its eexactly what I asked far I am looking at this on my phone and accidentally hit the illiminati button. I was trying to send you a message. I definitely want that but also want to see if you can do it without the mirror image so I can use it without the mirror image on the bottom

    • |--|

      nick1111 {*wrote*}:
      Its eexactly what I asked far I am looking at this on my phone and accidentally hit the illiminati button. I was trying to send you a message. I definitely want that but also want to see if you can do it without the mirror image so I can use it without the mirror image on the bottom
      |--| I have never use this site before and don't know how to know to let them know that you won the contest

    • The mirror image isnt a problem.. I would be able to send you a version with it and one without it when files are transferred over

    • Sounds good... do u think u could send iver the file with the slogan flipped so that the Cellular Savings Made Simple is on the left... and the Same Carrier... is on the right of the y

    • I could do that, but it will effect the size of the text because one slogan is longer then the other and there is more space on the left of the "Y" than on the right

    • I thought that might be a problem. . Can I see it even though. . I only state that because I originally wanted the Cellular Savings Made Simple to be read first

    • Ok I will submit a design showing you.. the "Cellular Savings" will be bigger and vice versa. give me a sec.

    • By the way how do I let this site know that u won ?

  • Sounds good I look forward to seeing the final revision