Revolutionary Eagle

The designers were very responsive to all requests and endeavored to provide us what we needed. We ended up with several designs that would have been great for our logo, and we were thrilled with the design we chose.

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Winning design #142 by Sidnei, Logo Design for Revolutionary Eagle Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Sidnei

Project description

Logo for business cards, stationery, and other marketing materials: Eagle with outstretched wings, evocative of the American Revolutionary war -- nothing modern or whimsical, but rather historical in character as might have appeared on handbills, uniforms, flags, posters, etc. of the Revolutionary War period. I have added a number of images: artwork from that historic period or art that imitates that period. You will also see the business card that we will replace. NOTE: One uploaded image is designated with numbers only (119711913820218). That particular eagle is considered to be pretty close to perfect by many of my colleagues. If you take a look, you will see that it resembles the eagle that we are replacing on our business card. (That might be the reason why my colleagues like it.) Your eagle does not need to look exactly like that, but you should realize that it is the image that many of my colleagues consider historically accurate. We do not want a modern eagle. We do not want a cartoon eagle. We do not want an eagle that looks like it comes from European heraldry or a European flag.

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  • The eagle that we are currently using is show as my avatar for this account (although in reality, it is more horizontal -- much wider). We are relatively happy with it.
  • Colors for the logo itself are not etched in stone, but the company is using dark blue and dark red for marketing materials at present. A black & white logo might actually be workable. Artwork on file at VistaPrint has been used for marketing materials up to now; obviously the company does not own that logo and has no flexibility in using it.
  • Dear CH: about #2 #3 #4 I uploaded three designs. I used the color stone for the eagle and I've tried using your colors (blue and red). I would like to get your feedback to improve the design. thanks
  • From a design standpoint, I am impressed with the clean, energetic look of your logo. However, it really isn't the look that our firm is seeking. It's much too clean and modern. We're looking for something that screams history. If you go to google images and search "revolutionary war eagle" -- you'll see more of what we think we want. Our firm is called Revolutionary Communications, but we want to evoke the Revolutionary War rather than something modern and cutting edge. We had considered something like a Minuteman image, but we settled on an eagle instead. Then, beyond that, we decided that we wanted something that looked very historic, established, rooted, reliable. For our firm, we're looking more for the image of established, reliable, and strong institutional knowledge for the kind of work we do -- rather than trying to convey creative, cutting edge, hip, modern. Please don't take this as a criticism of your logo -- which I like -- but we would prefer something closer to my avatar, which is stock artwork from VistaPrint (the reason we're looking for our own logo).
  • Please give feedback to my design #1 Best Regards Dany!
  • I and my colleagues like your design. They especially like the wings. But they say that the body of your eagle looks something like an owl -- not necessarily an eagle. Could you work on the talons (claws) and legs a little -- and also the head? My colleagues like the head on the eagle on entry #34, if you might be able to use that as a model. Mille grazie.
    • Hi, thank you for your advices,i tried to follow them and i hope you will like the little modifications. Please let me know what you think about it. Thanks

    • Sorry i'm having some problems with the computer and i uploaded the wrong work,i'll upload the right version as soon possible.

  • I like the look of your eagle best of any of the entries because your design looks more like a pen & ink drawing -- it has the old, antique look that we want -- looks less like a modern, computer drawing. However, we prefer the pose of entries #34 and #37. Would it be easy for you to make your eagle standing or perched (like those entries) rather than in flight? Thank you for your consideration.
  • This is excellent. Would it be possible to give your eagle a head more like entry #35 (not quite so round -- and facing to the side)? And would it be possible to make the eagle look more like a pen & ink drawing (something more like entry #22)? It this would not be much trouble, I would like to see what you might be able to do? Thank you.
  • Hi dear CH, Thanks for rating. Do you have any minds how i can improve my design?
  • #22 Looks more like a pen & ink drawing. Could you make your eagle look something more like that? I don't want you to change your design greatly. I like it. But if it would be easy to make it more like it is drawn, that would help. Thanks.
  • I like the color of the hood on this eagle.
  • So far, this is everyone's favorite. The one complaint from my colleagues is that it doesn't look like an old pen & ink drawing from 1775. Is there any possibility that you might be able to do something to make it look more like a pen & ink drawing and less like a computer generated picture? Also, could you make the hood (neck and head) of the eagle slightly lighter. And could you make the red slightly lighter -- not much lighter (everyone prefers the dark red, not your earlier red -- but they wondered if perhaps it might be not quite so dark). I think that everyone is beginning to be happy, but they want the design to look old -- to look as though it were drawn by someone using a quill (feather) pen. If there is any way that you might make this look like it was drawn 250 years ago, we can make everyone happy. Thank you for all your patience and work.
  • I like it very very much. But I fear that the shield has become very dominant -- perhaps too dominant in the design. I want the eagle to be the dominant element in the design. Maybe you could position the shield as in design #15. Or maybe you could simply lower the shield a bit. Or maybe you could make the shield a bit smaller. What do you think? Also, could you make the red and blue colors darker? Thanks
    • about #33 The difference of this design with #30 are the following: - In the shield. the central white stripe is slightly higher - The eagle's head is slightly darker. - The flag is slightly higher to read better "Revolutionary communications". I will kork on new feedback

  • YES! YES! YES! Make the eagle's hood lighter (I realize that the white stripe creates a problem if you make the eagle's hood absolutely white.) Make the general background white. As previously noted in an earlier comment, move the word "Revolutionary" to the banner, and put a white star on the shield. Thanks so much.
  • Use the eagle that is on #18 -- or at least use the eagle's HEAD that is on #18. (If you use the entire eagle that is on #18, make everything lighter, and make the hood of the eagle - the neck and head - white or almost white.) Make the red stipes slightly wider, the white stripe slightly narrower. Make the background white, rather than gray. Put both words (Revolutionary Communications) on the banner. Put a large star on the blue top of the shield (instead of the word "Revolutionary"). Do you have the font called "Blackadder"? I think that I will be happy then!
  • About #29 Estimated CH: I've made ​​the changes in the design you suggested. I hope you like it. I would like to know your feedback to improve the design. thanks
  • I really LOVE the new eagle. This is MUCH closer to the way that eagles were drawn by 18th Century artists in America. Thanks so much. Could you easily put this eagle on the shield of your desigh #20? And could you lighten the hood (head and neck) of the eagle a little more? Perhaps lighten all of the colors a little bit -- I like the eagle VERY much, but he is a bit sinister, and slightly lighter colors might help!
    • I will work on #18. I will put several models and rectify the bell of the head. Your comments are welcome and make it very easy my work

  • You have used a famous logo design in your logo entry: _
  • I like your eagle very much, and your simple design is appealing. But I would prefer an eagle that is standing or perched with wings spread -- rather than an eagle in flight.
  • Please, do not use clip art or copy existing design/illustration in logo contest. Your design must be original and 100% created by you; source: