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Was a great contest. Defiantly some great talent here! Thanks!


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Winning design #388 by DavArt, Logo Design for Rhiannons Photography Contest
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designed by DavArt

Project description

UPDATE:  I want it to be DIFFERENT and eye catching but also READABLE when it is posted as a watermark, etc. I would also like it to include: rhiannonsphotography.com in some way if possible. Think OUTSIDE the box… Don't think about it like a photographers logo exactly. I am seeing a lot of shutters and cameras or take offs on these concepts… not sure that is where I want to go with this. Hope this helps. 

I'd like this logo for my website, and for being used as a semi-transparent B&W watermark on my photographs. Thus it must retain cohesion if rendered on a variety of backgrounds (dark as well as light portions of an image.) . Thin logos are not preferred as they tend to get lost when placed over multi colored images. 

Hello Designers!

I am looking for a logo for my new photography business: Rhiannon's Photography.  I would like it to speak to a wide range of clientele. I will be marketing myself as a photographer who can help local business with whatever their photography needs are. Some examples of this include portraits, real estate, product and food photography.  The same logo will be used on my website, business cards, social media, and as a watermark for my photos.  

I will be providing feedback regularly so you know the direction I like.

if I invited you, then I have seen your work and love it! I spent HOURS on this website looking through other photography contests, so if I invited you I like what you did for someone else!  Thank you!  :-)


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  • @rhiannon188 hello, ch :) I hope my design can work for your company. please if you need revision please feel free to contact me.

    Thank you very much.

    Greetings. Dav #388
  • I hope you like it #512
  • I hope you like it thanks #511
  • Please check my entry. Thank you. #503
  • Congratulations! :) ........... #388
    • @gwapo93 thank you your attention:) but I can not accept it, because CH have not determine the winner in this contest:). once again thank you a lot of:)

  • @rhiannon788 Hello please see entries #495 & #497 thanks
  • hello. CH :)

    you are really responsive to the designers :) I am very happy to participate in the contest you open :) and thanks a lot, you really appreciate the designers here. I'm really waiting for your decision to vote for the winner.

    Best regards.

    Dav #388
  • wanted website in logo, simple elegant, classy and readable #480
  • Thank you for your designs, they are creative and I appreciate the time but they are not what I am looking for. #485
  • About #487, @nicolets thank you but not too fond of this design.
  • Thank you but not into this design. I was looking for something classy, elegant, and readable esp the website #481
  • Hiiiiii #489
  • Hi #488
  • Hi, thank you for design but the website is impossoable to read.... I wanted it all clearly readable but still elegant and classy.I am female. The lines under the R just add clutter but do not give it anything in my opinion, thanks. #426
    • @rhiannon188 hi CH, thank you for your comment about my design, i submit entry #487 last version of my design.. thanks and regards...

  • Hello #486
  • Hi #485
  • I hope like it #484
  • check please #483
  • Hello I hope like this #482
  • sorry this is just not my style and again the web address way too small to read. #479