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Winning design #61 by zorn, Logo Design for Rhinoak Cellars Contest
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designed by zorn

Project description

This is a label for a wine bottle. I love rhinos and oak trees, hence... the name Rhinaok Cellars. Something that incorporates both of these into a drawing, painting, or sketch would be great. I think I would look at both playful and serious options, it could be either.

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  • wagnernml This is Admin Sharie, I wanted you to know that we had to remove several of the contest entries because the entries were clipart or copied designs
    • @sharie it is posible to extend this contest to submit the design with 100% design?

    • @fatezackmigz This would be the clients choice

  • DESIGNERS stop using clipart!!! ALL LOGOS are required to be 100% your own work. The contestholder can't copyright any logo that has clipart or traced from a photo you do not own
    • @sharie Hi Sharie, do purchased stock photos count as designs we do not own? I believe those websites were there for that reason - to provide a library of images for design use. In this case, I thought the idea was to design a concept, and if wagnernml liked our designs, we would then purchase the stock photo (I would not jump to purchase a stock image BEFORE knowing if my design would be chosen).

    • @RobinLeonard You can't use any art you didn't not create, all logos are required to be 100% your own art. How fair is it to the client that the logo they buy has art that is in many many other designs? how fair is it to the client that they will not be able to copyright the new logo because you can't sign over copyrights/ just because you buy downloadable art doesn't mean you own sole rights to that design, you own the right to "USE" that design not resell that design or art and that is the point most people that use clipart do not understand

    • @sharie The reason I was unclear was because of the way the infractions are listed - For the use of stock images, it says 'using "unlicensed" stock images/clipart', and I wasn't sure what constitutes a "licensed" stock image. How fair is it to the designers who spent hours and hours on their images and were infracted, to still see many remaining designs that also have web images that have somehow not been infracted. There are still remaining images here that are sourced from stock photos, so @wagnerml should be wary of that when choosing.

    • @RobinLeonard our rules are very clear, all logos are required to be 100% your own work. Please go to the forums to discuss this further, The contest comment page is NOT for this)

  • Rhino made from Oak leaves & grapefruits. feedback please. #89
    • @About #102, @Dear Wagner, I submit few concept into your contest and waiting for your valuable feedbacks throughout the contest. i asked some questions , some more text about company but your were busy. Now the contest was closed/expired . But if you need some changes or new concepts then let me know about it. i'll manage it via email or you can pick winner and we'll work in finalization process.

  • i remove the sun set choose any color you want tnx #81
  • hope you like it #80
  • like? #78
  • like? #77
  • Simple, clean, elegant, and most importantly unique. #76
  • feedback are welcome #72
  • About #71, need more text content of company ......your feedback please .
  • simple label design hope you like it thank you #68
  • pleace cek entry #67
  • feedback please #63
  • rhino incorporated into tree #60
  • here you are #58
  • 1st draft, let me know your thoughts Namaste #28
  • Render preview #5
  • This is my design, hope you like it. The brown color is supposed to be gold buit you can decide the color however. #4