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Winning design #46 by FMYDesigner, Logo Design for Richard Rory, Incorporated Contest
Gold Medal

designed by FMYDesigner

Project description

We would like a logo design for our company. It is a real estate holding company and because of the initials, we were thinking of a possible artistic railroad design but are open to all artistic logos. We also like skyscrapers and skylines.

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  • ks1
    #11 - maybe the RR somewhere in the background>?
  • ks1
    We like #9 & 11 - for 9 - maybe we could see something a little more colorful? #11- we love it but def want the RR to be more of a brand, see #9
  • Hecate I have removed entry number 10 for you, Thank you
  • Dear CH, please ignore #10, there is no option for me to remove it. I'd appreciate some comments on #11 though!
  • Dear CH, Please feedback on my design #5 #6 #7 !
  • hello ks1, i have submitted an entry #30, its the two R´s made as an rooftop with two windows, as well as you can see the negative space between the two letters as an arrow pointing upwards, hope you like it, any feedback would be appreciated, good luck with company and contest andré
  • Thank you for your feedback! I hope you like the new version - #28
  • ks1
    Hey Amartego, I like the creativity of the RR you applied. The shape it creates seems a tad phallic - #30
  • ---------------- #58 & #60 -------------------------- thanks
  • Dear ks1, thank you for your rating! I've just uploaded a close-up of the RR emblem #53 , along with several variations. Those are ideas, in case that the emblem would be used individually, apart from the full version.
  • Hi Would you please tell your idea about 46# thank you
  • Hi I have promoted my logos (#67 #68 #46 ) but because you didn't remove my old logos I have to submit them by another name: greenelm
  • Please remove all of my logos(#67 #68 #46) because I want to promote them and submit some betters.
  • Hi Thank you so much because of your views about my works(#67 #68 #46).So please remove two of my logos to submit some promoted.
  • #86 I incorporated a railroad and a skyline into the logo hope you like it
  • ks1
    #46 I LOVE the visual aspects of this.. It is between you and two other people. CAN you make the window glow in the R more even with the sizes?
  • ks1
    #68 - that was brilliant creativity. I love that it forms an RR and a keyhole and a train. I like your creativity. Submit one completely diff design... I would love to see more of your work. I love the creativity and brilliance behind this.. But I am looking for something more elaborate... HOWEVER>>>> One of the best I have seen.. We are in real estate - Keep that in mind :)
  • #85 i just changed the colors to black and white to make it look more professional, also instead of a key in the middle if you would like to have anything else we can incorporate that.
  • #83 Let me know what you think, we can change the font colors to your liking...thanks