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Project description

We require a logo for an environmental consultancy called Richer Environments.  

Richer Environments (RE) is an environmental services provider in the State of
Qatar. Richer Environments provides an array of services including Ecological
Surveys, GIS Mapping, Environmental Impact Assessments, Air, Water and Noise
Quality Monitoring, Construction Environmental Management Plans, Agricultural
Solutions, as well as Soil and Microbial Studies.

Richer Environment’s vision is to become the GCC’s leading environmental
consultant utilizing experts and academics, familiar with the wild environment of the

Given the vast rate at which Qatar is developing, our mission is to provide
environmental solutions that seal the gap between economic development and
environmental conservation.

Richer Environments is a uniquely qualified service provider in Qatar due to various
reasons including:
Unique expertise in the local wild environment: our team of highly
qualified experts are familiar with the Qatari wild environment and have
studied the Qatari flora and fauna extensively. Our specialized team includes
academics and consultants in the field of botany, ecology and soil
• Local presence and network: based in Doha and well-informed of Qatari
laws and regulations, Richer Environments has a privilege over international
constants who are not familiar with the country and governing institutions.


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