Right Track Systems Int.

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Winning design #69 by JCreation, Logo Design for Right Track Systems Int. Contest
Gold Medal

designed by JCreation

Project description

Our company would like a logo which incorporates our company name (Right Track Systems Int.) along with our tag line "Go Anywhere with the Right Tracks". I want both phrases to be incorporated in the logo which would could be represented in any style other than Character, but Woodmark is our preference.

In addition to the essentials listed above, you may be wise to incorporate a drawing of track system, through, around or behind the logo to highlight our product. To see the actual product please have a quick look at: www.righttracksystemsinc.com or watch a quick video of it in action at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBlYXjDzYe4

If it helps, our most popular product is our truck tracks but we sell a wide range of track designs. It may help you to incorperate a small drawing of a truck with tracks on it into the design but be sure the tracks are what is being highlighted and not the truck itself. As well if a truck is incorperated, it must look as if tracks are on the truck individually on the front, and over a tandem axle (see picture attached).

Note that the incorporating a unit such as truck is not essential. it's only a guide to get you thinking about what I would like to see. I want something that doesn't look too busy or complex so print alone with a track drawn in may be my final preference.

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  • Please check this,

    Waiting for feedback now...

    Thanks #86
  • Please check this,

    Waiting for feedback now...

    Thanks #85
  • i added three arrows at the top.. like the big companies do.. that says 'going forward'

    I hope you like my entries

    Thank you, best regards. #81
  • Hi Tom. This design can be recognized in large and small scales.. 'Track' stands out the most from the design and is more visible and this is helpful in recognitionas there are numerous logos with wheels out there (engineering, mechanic, machine works etc).

    Thank you

    Best regards #74
  • Could you make the track logo more oval so it extends the width of the logo. We want the track to look like if it was on the rear of a truck it would be going over both tires. This looks more like it is going over a single tire. #64
    • About #64, @tomzaleski Hi Ch, thank you so much to feedback. please check my new upload designs. hope you like it. :) thanks

  • Xckel, I would like to see the logo on top span the width of the text somehow, Can you stretch it out? #67
    • About #67, @tomzaleski , hi Ch you mean i will stretch the word right track?, thanks

  • Please try and still maintain the balance too by stretching or spacing the letters RT a bit #64 #52
    • okay Ch, i will work on the revisions thanks for the rating...

  • Please check this,

    Waiting for feedback now...

    Thanks #65
  • Could you put a track around the entire logo? Something like whats around RT in 64 #14
    • About #14, @tomzaleski HI. Tom, Yes I can. and i'll try different variations.. I had already started a wheel concept since the last entry and i'll keep working..

      Best regards

  • Please try and still maintain the balance too by stretching or spacing the letters RT a bit #64
  • Could you try expanding the logo to make the "RT" more oval so it looks like a track going over two tires like the rear of the truck in 51?
  • Really like this design. Could you put the slogan in between the logo and the company name and increase its size slightly (on the top white background design)? #43
    • About #43, @tomzaleski Hi Ch, thank you so much to your feedback. i will revise the design as requested. :) thanks

    • About #43, @tomzaleski hi Ch, i upload now the revise design. hope you like the concept. please let me know your feedback. :) thanks

  • Anyway to but a track around the entire logo the same as in 43? #14
  • One of my favorites but not too fond of the color scheme. Could you produce another with the exact same design but only red lettering? #4
    • @tomzaleski Thank you, I'm glad to hear you like it. Please see #47 for all red text version. Thanks again, eRic

  • Please check this,

    Waiting for feedback now...

    Thanks #37
  • Hi,

    Check this new logo...feel free to ask for any changes,

    Waiting for feedback now.

    Thanks #26
  • Hi, how are you? please have a look at my entry let me know what you think. the strokes are track marks forming 'RT' there is a red dot between the RT which is again at the bottom, this helps one to recognise the logo if the name and symbol is used separately.

    Thank you. Best regards #16
  • About #9, @Desain_Farhan Please feedback all my design
    • About #6, @Desain_Farhan
      I would like a design that incorporates the actual company name and slogan more than just a large emblem. Also if incorporating a logo, something resembling a track would be much better than something resembling a road. Our product is for off-road applications and not used on roads or hi-ways.

    • About #7, @Desain_Farhan
      Like this much better. Try incorporating something that looks like track tread rather than arrows pls.

    • @tomzaleski ok i will try