Rimi and Lulu

Quite pleased with the results. I was first looking for an illustration more-so than a simple design, and I got some very good submissions. In the end the winner was someone who entered a very simple design, that, I guess, through it's simplicity kept drawing my attention to it when reviewing the entries. It was a rewarding experience as a CH to have access to as many different designers and receive so many different submissions. I have noted some of the other entrants as well when I want to move forward to Tshirt designs or the like! Many Thanks!

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Winning design #13 by lkyllo, Logo Design for Rimi and Lulu Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lkyllo

Project description

Looking for a logo design to use on website and business cards. Rimi and Lulu is an ecommerce site focussing on imported kids clothes and toys in Japan. Rimi is a young girl, say 4-6, and Lulu is her brother 8-10. Looking for something cute and playful to give a soft touch to the ecommerce site. Reset the meter below. Apologies.

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  • Dear CH , I have designed a draft as u suggested, as I have reached my submitting limit I cannot post the other one , sorry for that. please view my design #5 and give your feedback. Thank you
  • Thank you for the entries so far. I am liking the two toned naming, and the font Jacky is using. the i's look like lollipops. This is not to say, that that is the only font possible. I have reset the slide meter as it looks like it didn't save my original settings. I'm looking for something a little more complex/pictographic. Something like say, Rimi sitting down holding a flower, and Lulu in the background chasing a butterfly/frog. It doesn't need to be this specific scene though. Apologies if my original explanation is insufficient, as I didn't want to influence your entries.
  • Dear CH please view my designs and give your feedback. Thank you
  • About #13 ... In case you decide to go with something more simple.
  • About #12 Dear CH many thanks for your feedback & ratings. Here is my revision for you Hope this what you have in mind :) Thanks & Regards Mohit
  • Mohit looking good! We actually have a miniature Pincer...would it be possible to change the dog to look like one a bit?
  • About #10 Dear CH Here is my Entry for you Hope you like it Thanks & Regards Mohit
  • Interesting design, but not what I am looking for in the ecommerce site at the moment. Please feel free to be creative. Look forward to another entry from you. Regards James
  • Megdusha! Rimi and Lulu are the other way around. :) How about if they were holding a poster that has their name on it? You can use the & symbol instead of "and" Mevector, I like your entry. Is it possible to have them doing something else? If we were selling food or a restaurant, that would be good as it looks like they are saying "itadakimasu" (let's eat). For reference, please note that I am looking for something more detailed than clip art. Inan online ecommerce world, I need something memorable and will stand out enough to separate my online shop from the thousands of others. Much appreciated.
  • My first drawing ever in Illustrator.... hope you like it #6
  • Thanks for your rating, sorry didint realise you wanted a graphic illustration, thought you was after a logo for website/ buisness card. Perhaps this should have gone in the illustration section?!!
  • I understand CH: I just wanted to submit my illustrator drawing of the kids in your photo.
  • Dear CH Thanks so much for your positive comments I will definitely try something new for you Thanks & Regards Mohit
  • Hi Mohit. No thanks. I believe we are able to make some minor adjustments if you are chosen as the winner. I don't want to comment too much just now, as I don't want to inadvertently influence people's designs in one direction. If you are able to further contribute, please try something else. If you are selected as winner, the only changes that may come up are no background and/or how would you use that on a business card? Picture on one side...details on the other...or left half pic, right half details. Appreciate your, and everyone else's entries.
  • Dear CH Did you need any modification in my design please let me know. Thanks & Regards Mohit
  • SueBlue, Maybe so, though I had never checked out the illustration section before raising a contest myself. Ive seen some impressive detailed logos in other contests. Do note though, I am not the only one judging this, and as such, Jacky's earlier works, and Ikyllo and elpisk's designs are still being considered due to their simplicity. It's pretty much up to the artist to convince me their contribution is what is best for the ecommerce site. I may have a vision of what id like, and if I had the creativity, wouldn't need to raise a contest. /shrug
  • Mock ups are not allowed unless CH requests. Thanks
  • Hi there, thank you for contributing your work. Of the two I like this one more. I especially like the flower in the & sign. Cheers James
  • About #32 #34 #35 #36 Dear CH Here are some revision of the same design in a simple way also I give you an option of business card to, please have a look. Thanks & Regards Mohit
  • hi CH, my entry is 33.. plz give feedback thank you