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Winning design #123 by mehsugeh, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mehsugeh

Project description

Font: Please all lowercase, sans serif font. No preference as to weight or width. No cursive/brush fonts please. Please create two versions: ripe and

Color: Should be grayscale printable.
Logo should represent two key thematic concepts: food, and connectivity, in the sense of connecting things together. Food associated concepts: Ripeness, produce, fruit, vegetable, growth, plants and flavor.

Format: It would be nice to have the logo be representable by a standalone associated symbol element. We want to remain produce or fruit agnostic. 

Some base concepts to take or leave: 
1) split where ripe has vegetable/fruit elements, and the .io has a technology feel. 
2) use the concept of connectivity, the centers of the i p e in ripe could be connected through the centers by a vine or something.
3) a network map style group of lines and dots forming the image of a fruit/vegetable

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  • leave a feedback to me please... #145
  • its clean . please just give a feedback... #144
  • hope you like it sir. #141
  • please check #135
  •, thanks for the rating, I am glad you like my designs. Here are some more versions
    #124, #126 - different leaf,
    #127 - smaller dots,
    #128 - grey version of #31,
    #130 - color version of #33
  • Thank you. My choice is really down to yours, and #31. The other entry has a "technology feel" to it. I don't want a complete redesign of your entry, but want could you add to represent a technology/digital feel? #121
    • About #121, @IronPen1 ok, I will improve it.

  • I think I am going to end up choosing the "best 3" so I will give until Monday before making my final decision. Thank you for all of your entries, they were all really cool!
  • Thank you. Can I see this in color please? #106
    • About #106, @IronPen1 yes, I will make it in color version.

  • Ripe has vegetable/fruit element, and the .io has a technology feel, with power button instead of ''o''... #120
  • Simple, serious & professional #117
  • Modern, serious & professional logo design. #116
  • Hope you like it #97
  • About #95, @Logolab77 This preview samples a more modern font to consider vs. the sans
  • About #94, @Logolab77 Same as #93,just added some more solid color alternates at the bottom to preview
  • Could you please try and turn the orange circle with the .io inside in to a piece of fruit? I would like to see how that may look? Thank you. #4
  • Hello @IronPen1;

    Please take a look at my design #90, and let me know what do you think about it.


  • Hellow sir @IronPen1,
    check this out #78 #79 #84 #85,
    if u have any suggestions, I'm up to any changes.
  • sgsgssgd #75
  • its a grayscale colors , i use the eart and manipulated picture to vegetable/fruit , and the arow which a cross in centre describe about conectivity .. and the leaf/plant as a bough. its modern logo , this logo can be a formal or non formal logo.
    your product/company will be easily recognized with a unique logo.
    please take your time to give me a feedback and rate. #71
  • The view of a half cut watermelon whose seeds connect the letters ripe and io have binary digits inside of them. #65