Rise and Shine Cafe

This process was amazing! We had over 300 different designs to choose from and each time we requested a tweek the designers promptly provided the changes. I would highly recommend this process to anyone looking to create a logo.

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Winning design #332 by BIMO83, Logo Design for Rise and Shine Cafe Contest
Gold Medal

designed by BIMO83

Project description

We recently purchased a breakfast/lunch cafe. The name is RISE 'N SHINE CAFE.   We are considering a fresh look to our current logo.  The limitation is the shape of the outdoor signage.  The space on the building and the road sign is three times wider than it is tall so it is a rectangular shaped board space and we would like the logo to fit it nicely.

Descriptive words that come to mind about the style we are looking for are:  fresh, simple, hip in a traditional way, clean.  We would like it to feature charcoal or a medium grey tone with the secondary color of terracotta or burnt orange color.  Must be easily readable from a far distance.

The logo must stand alone and lend itself to either the whole logo or a portion of the logo being able to be used for things like stickers, stamps and labels that we might place on packaging.

Our customer is a mix of older neighborhood patrons who live close by and younger college kids who attend school just two blocks away.  We are located in a small city nestled in an eclectic mixed-use area. We want to portray a feeling that our restaurant is the neighborhood kitchen...a place for locals to get their daily nourishment.  

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  • About #333, @ngontesdc
    This looks really nice!
  • sir i m waiting for your feedback #355
  • I hope you'll like it! #347
  • Hello
    Please see my designs.
    and If you have any suggestions, please tell me.
    I'm working for you, waiting your answer.
  • new font and gray cup #332
  • See anything you like :)

    Any rating would be appreciated, 5, 10.

    Would translate well for signage, tees, packaging. #331
  • About #118, @BIMO83
    We like your chicken! The only concern is that the font is not bold enough to be seen well from the road. Could we see some versions with a little bolder font? An perhaps make the coffee cup the gray color?
  • Hello Sir, Please check and feedback. Thanks #324
  • Hello Sir, Please check and feedback. Thanks #323
  • feedback.? #322
  • waiting for your feedback. #321
  • Same logo with a hip twist. #320
  • I have altered colors according to your comments.
    Please check if it looks good. #319
  • give me feedback. #318
  • sir check my entry.waiting for your feedback. #317
  • Please review and rate as you feel. Thanks! #312
  • Here is a revision of logo you want...please take a look #311
  • About #248, @epaper
    Can you replace the graphic of the lid with a simple, LOW profile sun?
    • About #248, @cdwy2525 absolutely i can ...

  • RNSC-8

    Hi. Since you didn't like my other tweaks, I've slightly restyled your current favorite (RNSC-3, #129) with a simplified Sun to better fit the horizontal profile and adapted "CAFE" without the accent. See if you like this as well or better.
  • Sorry for my misunderstanding. Please check this submission for the color variation. #294