AMAZING hardworking and INCREDIBLY talented designer who helped with every detail I asked for and simply stood out in ability amongst the rest. I am so grateful for all this hard work and totally happy with my beautiful logo. I would not hesitate to hire this designer one-on-one. You will get what you are looking for and you will be heard.

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Winning design #745 by egner, Logo Design for RISE PSYCHIATRY LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by egner

Project description

Hi All! I am starting a solo (for now) psychiatric (MD) private practice. I need a unique logo that is symbolic of my business name. Rise means rise above what ails you, essentially. I'm working with high end clients and need it to be unisex, stand out, something a man or woman wouldnt mind having in their wallet.  Most psychiatrists are using brains, jig-saw puzzles, trees, nature pics, and I do not want any of those.  Also I do not want anything to be all yellow, just not my color, but if it is incorporated somehow that is OK. Looking forward to great font/lettering, great logo of some kind. I need sophistication and meaning at the same time. I forgot to add that I am an LLC. My name is Jennifer. I dont mind bright colors to make it pop. Also, it doesnt have to represent psychiatry per se unless you have something clever in mind. Im more interested in the Rise concept. The font in itself should stand on its own. Look forward to working with you! Please remember this has to pan out in black and white (design-wise, I still want color) as it will be faxed on letterhead. It also needs to be unisex and my audience is patients, other medical professionals and other types of professionals in general. Please try a phoenix and sun, the bird needs to give the impression it is rising up, but also be simple and elegant, and not too mean, but not like a sparrow. I left a simple picture in files. 

Thank you!

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