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I cannot conceive of a better source for logo design. I had dozens of designers working for me with many different ideas and designs to choose from. I am very satisfied with the design we ended up with for Roadrunner Express. While not all designs met the required standard for this project, several of them did. If you are not sure if you want to try the contest, just "browse" the other contests and you will see the many great designs presented to the hosts. My advice to anyone hosting a contest is not to be too specific in what you ask for because there may be a great design waiting for you that isn't at all what you had imagined. You are able (and encouraged) to comment on the designs and rate them, this allows you to steer the competition in whatever direction(s) you like. I have never been more pleased with any graphic arts service in the past, and I am speaking from 18 years of experience operating my own business!

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Winning design #67 by graphman, Logo Design for Roadrunner Express  Contest
Gold Medal

designed by graphman

Project description

I am looking for a logo for a new car wash and oil change business. Something elegant, that represents our higher quality of service over our competitors. It would be cool to incorporate the roadrunner bird into the logo.  I am also looking for something representative of speed. 

Logo to include the words:

Car Wash & Oil Change

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  • hope you like it ! rate me designs please
  • Wow! Great design! Can you show me this one without the arms and the wrench? And text on top to read "CAR WASH & OIL CHANGE" no dot. #178
  • Hope you like it #171
  • R #166
  • other design... :) #157
  • About #81, @wenxDesign this is my favorite design from you. Excellent look!
  • I am loving all these great designs! I will be picking a winner soon, so get your final entries in today if you would like to have it considered for the contest!
  • last entrie from me , please rate , and feedback. hope you like this sir...
    thanks very much... :) #156
  • R #155
  • R #154
  • R loggo #153
  • Hi. Thanks for rating. Added still a dark background to design. #146
  • This style for car wash & oil change text on black background. #99
  • If you want any changes tell me, please. Thank you. #137
  • On this design, could you remove the two bullet points and replace the "&" with one bullet point separating car wash/oil change? Also if you could make the "car wash/oil change" font slightly larger.. #67
    • You got it. Thank you. brb About #67, @larry_houk

  • Hi. Check the changed design. Thanks. #125
  • Thanks. Has changed the letter "O" in a logo. #113
  • This one is still your best design. Would like to see this design with a regular "O" without the water droplet "O".

    On a white background this drop appears very subtle and can almost go unnoticed. But when design is placed on a dark background the contrast of this water drop becomes a distraction from reading the name. #61
  • i submit one again , hope you more like this, please rate and feedback , im ready if any change do you want.
    thanks :) #102
  • Very nice work! I like the use of the spray gun in this design! #57
    • About #57, @larry_houk
      Thanks for your feedback.
      I re-submit the design changes, please check and review #95 & #96.
      Notify me of changes and deficiencies in my work.
      hopefully get a design that suits you.
      sorry my english is bad,